5 points to teach you how to improve page conversion rates for online businesses


it’s a time tested distribution motto, "attracting new customers is far more valuable than retaining old customers."". For people who work in e-commerce, knowing more about the behavior of site visitors means that they can better maintain relationships with consumers.

reasonable use of data and understanding of customer needs, the only way to better cultivate more consumers play an important role in stimulating and inspiring, exciting and attractive one in different stages of development. If you are lucky enough to be able to do so, it will mean that your business will have a double boost, not only increasing sales, but also better saving costs.

The five simple steps below

can help your online business improve conversion rates and achieve corresponding benefits:

1, the correct arrangement of the elements of the landing interface, and to ensure that your main business relevance. It is determined by the nature of your business. Make sure that you design your web pages to meet your main business objectives: brand links, mailing address collection, sales statistics, and guided consumption. Elaborate production captures the attention of the user, arouses interest, and encourages them to consume. Keep in mind that the elements are placed in a place where the login screen is quite visible.

2, try to win the trust of visitors. If your production doesn’t buy the confidence of visitors, then how smart settings and how attractive web design will have no effect. Free information or trial downloads are valuable things; try to avoid speculation and no value description; don’t force visitors to take unnecessary action; not so much to boast, require consumers to "buy now", or restricted to provide what they don’t need. The spokesperson for the product should have a certain public effect and provide some data to support what you are saying. Obviously, for users, you should set up an online interactive platform so that visitors can do business with you.

3, from the beginning to the end to "inspire visitors reading" for this. In your web design, banner or text title must be based on "inspire visitors to read" this premise, the only way they can have the opportunity to understand your value proposition, take further action to buy. To find a really effective way, you can use the universal A|B test. Such tests can be extended to all parts of the login screen, including images, video, and action buttons.

4 collects user information in a potential way, and the field on the site can be minimized. For a related word count and sales conversion study, it is shown that with fewer fields, a higher conversion rate can be achieved. This is not true: in this age, identity fraud, spam era, people have a very cautious attitude towards information sharing.

so, where users are required to provide information, a.

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