t’s a habit to persist in not giving up

this time has been very low, Baidu site keywords K my site, it was linked to horse sex. In fact, the most important reason is their own reasons for the state of mind. Keywords site is K, I think this site should be closed, the site was linked to horse, not to hang their technology, let them go hang. I shut myself! Seeing are now in August 11th, time passed so much! I can’t go on like this, since it cannot escape, brave face! Said to myself: don’t be discouraged, the courage to persevere, victory in a corner waiting for you


"persist in the end is victory", listen to many, who only use it as a slogan, but carefully want to come, this sentence is actually extraordinary significance. Perseverance, not easy to give up, you can step by step to success, although I do not know when to succeed, but it is certain that we are getting closer and closer to the goal. With indomitable spirit, so twice the result with half the effort. Working for a long time, it is tired to relax, relax in the past It’s only human., sometimes, but insist it is past; also put forward various objections at the site of the brothers, give up on site management, flow loss; and then persist, effort will flow up the. Often hope is to do more links, more updated website.

from contacts website this profession to now, I also summarized some websites to make the experience and the insufficiency, I thought that the website’s future all is persisted, did not give up, the stationmaster persisted controls. So we must constantly improve their own shortcomings, but also to seize the opportunity to do this industry will be on "now or never" whole skin experience, the site is dealing with people, need more professional communication skills, the website has become a full of artistic work.

everybody wants to make a good site to site, giving them full flow is the precondition; the web must be known, so the website promotion, is a necessary condition; it is also a psychologist, through customer behavior to determine their potential idea. And grasp the customer’s personality, is an important condition; it should be a negotiator in the synthesis of various factors, or time, sharply, the key points, which is the key factor. The perfect integration of these conditions will be a happy and successful website for both parties. Keep the passion and enthusiasm to work long, more need to have "not to be self Fenti" spirit, do like athletes on the field of sports, must have a winning mentality, remember: everything is possible.

scores will always belong to the past, can get is a kind of experience, is the greatest wealth in life is not to do in experience? I think the attitude decides everything, when individuals need frustrated, attitude can best reflect your values. It is always important to find and understand your goals, and to keep your faith in what you are going to do. Whatever you do, if you don’t have one

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