firmly believe that all the webmaster are simple

my site is a blog site, due to the need to promote websites, often to some big Webmaster Station around the way, leave your footprints in the station, send your own web site, thus leaving what, QQ contact, also met many webmaster friends.

I just do

station soon, the senior webmaster is my new webmaster for a contemptuous disregard, only those new owners, in order to contacts, to contact and communicate with the person more experience, also change some links and so on, contact with me.

stands for several months, I send the station in the webmaster also has nearly more than 20, leaving footprints are many, among them, many other websites is posted, so I QQ a line, avoid beep ringing. I’m a full-time worker, and I only manage my website on Saturday and Sunday with the exception of my tight job, so it’s hard to deal with the enthusiasm of those webmasters.

, but I am still deeply grateful to those webmaster, remember my station just on the line, it is issued a website on the line happy mood article, but also brought a link. The webmaster of the world all know that this is a bad soft Wen, when I send to the website editor, mood extremely contradictory, face is red. I did not expect that such an article, there are dozens of owners to keep abreast of encouraging support, thus strengthened my resolve to go on this blog to do.

a Saturday holiday home, due to the secular affairs, busy late into the night eleven points have free access to a station, wrote an article, it was midnight half past one. Long after a sigh of relief, take a look at the site back, and found a link application, the site is doing quite well, check Baidu included and reverse links, are 0, is estimated to be a new station.

Baidu included is not included, does not matter to me, as long as the station is doing well, not a garbage station, there is potential for development, I see is very like. Originally wanted to pass, but checked that website’s friendship link page, has not discovered my website link, can only be very regrettable, puts aside, has not been possible, this is the latent rule.


website for me is not deleted, but before I wrote a diary, mention this thing, I finally wrote: "I hope that the webmaster can contact, or empty plus links, link information center of the" Doumen Information Port "submitted or retained."

the afternoon of the second day, I logged on to QQ, found that there is a message that says "your links have done, thank you for reminding me," is the webmaster sent, that is because after the submitted application, Xinlimeidi, QQ and don’t see each other, resulting in the up link the idea, but I remind in my diary, thanks


online, the webmaster although not like in real life like meet, but feel that the webmaster, how simple and lovely, perhaps, some of them are small achievements, some webmaster friends some still work hard silently, but very.

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