By Baidu stop how to restore rankings after the station

Recently, Baidu

large area K station, for the problem of how to restore the site, I simply Shaoyi own experience. How is your domain name ".Cn" and "K"?. There is nothing outside the chain, it is simply to change a new domain name, and then let Baidu re included, but before this, you must find out the problem of the site, and then correct.

below are several ways to let Baidu re – collect

one, send a few high-quality soft Wen (this effect is immediate. Don’t know how this now Baidu, recently tried)

maybe you’ve made some hot keywords. In this case, it will probably resume automatically soon. But rankings are going down.

two do some yellow content, this is not allowed, or get rid of it. Make a good website.

three optimization too much, this problem has a lot of talk, so not to say more.

four garbage website, recently, Baidu massive ban garbage collection, in the final analysis, I think it is content content, do a good job of content.

five do not post too many articles on Baidu post bar.

himself summed up so much, who has new discovery, you can comment, and more exchanges.

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