How to promote the website website developed by the enterprise itself

some companies or individuals still do not love to open shop in Taobao or Tmall, will own the development of a mall, but some companies have the strength, the developed platform is also good, but some small businesses or individuals with limited funds, developed Shopping Mall not very ideal. No matter how, the mall did, of course, have to promote, then self built website shopping mall need to do how to promote it? I’ll sum up and analyze it,


1, website mall promotion, in fact, is to promote their website mall. And people to promote themselves, the website mall promotion is to promote their website mall. Some people is very hard every day to write blogs, enrich their space network platform, and then an article full of forwarding, comments, spare no effort, in the NetEase, Sohu, Sina, Baidu, forums and other network everywhere can see the articles and information could be seen everywhere, even the mall site links. Although these are very boring, but always can let a lot of people know their website mall an important way.

2, website mall promotion is a process of accumulation and change. To promote your website, you have to take the trouble to write, comment, post, log in and link with time. In the process, there seems to be no change on the surface. But in fact, the content of the promotion is constantly changing and changing, which implies the constant change of the promotion effect.

3, website promotion is a process that constantly caters to customer needs. Promote your business and personal website mall, not only at specific sites posting links so simple, in addition, must also observe their website background statistics every mall, according to the data analysis data, optimize their promotion, implementation and analysis of background data through the web site of the mall, to achieve accurate promotion and optimization promotion the effect of.

4, use QQ group to do website promotion. Website mall usually has its own independent domain name, in the name of the group to promote links to their website mall domain name, the effect is fast and obvious. Who join the group of users can see your website mall site, especially some active QQ group, QQ number some even reach thousands of people, in the group of mail and group released some of their website mall information sharing, more can link to your blog and other space, you can also upload some free the information resources in the QQ group, the user to download the resource information at the same time will be to visit their website mall.

5, use brush flow to improve rankings to promote their website mall. To get a larger website, click on the traffic flow, you need your own website, the mall itself has traffic, because all engines like large flow, high ranking website mall. In general, the new web site of the engine included very little, usually can use brush flow method to improve.

6, by constantly updating their website mall articles and content to promote. A net >

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