Classified information website operation three years experience sharing

first statement, to A5 writing this article is not in order to send soft Wen, but to share with you the secondary (classified information) website operating experience. In fact, since last month’s Internet Conference, I’ve been wanting to write something to share with you. Today I’m free to sit down and write. This article I original, but the copyright does not have, welcome to reprint.

in fact, doing web site and doing business is the same, to do long-term, you must catch repeat customers. How does a website grab a repeat customer?. As for secondary websites or classified information websites, users should be promoted from the following points.

first: there must be a clear classification: the user to visit your website, certainly do not want half a day to find information, then it is necessary to do a good job classification. To my site as an example, according to the location, type, classification information release time, and of course the most important is to attribute the information itself, but also the more detailed the better, this is the most convenient for users to find information.

second: information release process to simplify: users are very busy, not to allow users to wind information, but also to register, but also look at the mailbox. My website has never been registered can send information, so operating three years down, registered users are not many, but repeat customers are still very high, according to 51 of the statistics, more than 30% are repeat customers. Therefore, increasing the volume of visits does not lie in the registration or not, the key is to retain the user’s heart, of course, this process will be relatively long, operators of second-hand sites or classified information website owners should be psychologically prepared.

third: consider how ads feel about users. Some classified sites slightly popularity began to advertise for 100 dollars in advertising to pull the banner AD full screen is There are plenty of people who, even PW, medicine what ads are connected. Of course, in order to recover the costs of doing so but have you considered no ground for blame, users feel? This site to survive long? At least I do stand in this three years, I Links in doing the second-hand website basically has not open. Here, I suggest you in order to do more longer, when advertising, would rather be smaller, but also pay attention to user experience.

, let’s talk about the publicity skills of second hand websites. To other forums website to believe is every webmaster will use the technique, it has great skill, I started to do that: "the title: welcome to Zhengzhou second-hand net release of information content: Zhengzhou second-hand Zhengzhou network, the best secondary trading site." every time the information as can be imagined the result? Soon the administrator kill, serious account was blocked, it can also be understood, each forum administrator must not love others to pull his territory. So I changed my strategy, to a relatively high degree of correlation with the original note every website information release tone forwarded to other forums, I wrote: "to buy new electric cars a month when used to sell, there are photos, photos have been uploaded to the Zhengzhou secondary network, see how much." then, after.

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