Teach you how to use Baidu to build millions of traffic

38 happy women’s day, women when self-improvement, teach you how to use Baidu to create millions of traffic. Baidu space, a staff of 2, and the machine used by IP is not the same.

1, find Sogou index.


2, see a keyword, then this is the name of a search keywords, and keywords of this article as article, send to your Baidu space, like this has formed a key article.

3, and then use a Baidu know user name to send a question, including the keyword in the title of the question.

4, using a Baidu know the user name, must not be the same IP, the best is not a region, and then reply to the problem, the problem above is the address of your Baidu space, then the following is the contents of the reply.

5, Sogou index is changed every 5 minutes, that is, the search for these 5 minutes what is hot, basically reflects the network search hot. For example: www.ssq666.com million lottery colors.

1, why do we have to choose Baidu,


in a search engine keyword can be in the top 10, a large part of the title is Baidu know the problem, so if we take this way, you can maximize the use of search engine traffic flow with the Baidu know.

2, why don’t we send the link directly, but after Baidu knows the link is finished, we have to add a question,


like this is mainly to prevent the administrator deleted. There is also to increase the Baidu space on the reverse link, our main traffic is from the search engine to Baidu space.

3, when there are 1000 articles in Baidu space, but it is time to keyword articles, basically every day’s traffic in more than 100 thousand IP, and must unremittingly, insist, increase a few keywords in every 5 minutes.

this method is simple? Very simple, in fact, even if not in Baidu know link and reply, the effect is almost the same, but the added advantage is that you can bring a large amount of traffic. This is the use of search engine hot search, and Baidu for Baidu space and Baidu know the preferences to make traffic, this method to hundreds of thousands of traffic a day is very easy. The method for testing in September just, because every day the search index is so much, so long as the operation of the people too much, then who do don’t do it, so do not rumor, now operating friends, every flow in more than 200 thousand.

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