Soft text creation how to produce high quality soft text

want to make your site in the search engine weight is high not only need the support of the chain will have a high quality of the original article, gold SEO’s law tells us that content is king, the chain for the emperor, sometimes the chain is not to our will to change, but we have the right to decide the content well, because we can on its Web site published original articles, even if you write well, then ask someone to write it, but if it is the construction of the chain, often please do not have a good effect. Of course, the original high-quality articles, in fact, for non literature or non news professionals, there will be some difficulties in the creation, then how to do?


if you can write a good article, it can only be familiar to you in the field, if you write other professional articles for many webmaster are quite a headache, then how can we produce high quality original soft? In fact, we are not here to let you out of the original to a the article, but through the data collection, the data were re rectification, ordering and write a readable articles, I in the light of their own website description to tell you how to write original articles, and put a little bit of my experience to share to everyone!

Of course, if you want to write the article

, we must first determine the title, to collect relevant information after the title determined, then the data were collected, and useful to me to stay, of course, these methods have certain skills is good, or you write it will not even theme, neither fish nor fowl, I so I created the original article


1: noun interpretation,


method is very useful in the beginning of the article, we can go to the Baidu encyclopedia to see if you need to explain the term, there can provide a good reference for us, we like to write an article about to acne article, because we are not doctors, so if the use of professional language to write it? Going through the term explanation for acne, so we can make the written language easy to understand but also express a very professional, this is the noun explanation method of magical


two: by method

According to the existing

theme, will refer to the information extension, we also take the acne, for example, we introduced the acne explanation in the first paragraph, we can expand, for example in medicine acne is divided into four types, and so on, and then introduces four kinds of types, and then it basically completed a very good article!

three: flowering and fruiting,

this method is mainly in the text, when you start to deliberately leave some problems, then we again from the answer, such as acne this topic, for example we can write, how to get rid of acne? What is the way to dispel acne, and so on, and then around the write >

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