Travel industry analysis online shop and independent website is different

in the tourist outlets, users exchange groups to see other people chat, talking about tourism outlets and independent website problems, can not help but more than a few words. Such a situation is not the first time to see the person in charge, and a lot of travel agency contact, more or less, they will shop and independent website operators work on "whether the duplication" of the topic under discussion. For example, most of the time, we talked about in the discussion of a travel agency web site should be how to build, will be put forward, so the platform shop just fine, as their own websites, or directly with the domain name. And I think the discussion of these two topics has just made a mistake on the level. Because in the whole process of tourism e-commerce, this is the two topic in different links.

Why does

propose that it is the two topic in different aspects? Because the independent tourism website is a necessary marketing tool for modern enterprise, but because of the independent website form a "information isolated island". It is difficult to find by users, and online shopping in tourism website, I think it belongs to the category of network marketing. Some friends may not be very sympathetic to my point of view. That’s OK. We can analyze the main differences between them,

first, the ownership is different. This problem may have some small debate, but on the current Internet management regulations, we have only heard of independent sites for ICP records, it seems that no online store to do ICP record. In other words, the Internet management regulations still believe that the ownership of the shop and management rights are attributed to the operators relying on the site. And online shop and the operation of the website that rely on, just contract relation. Although some shop operators can open their own independent domain name shop, but once the website operators and the termination of the contract, then the site can be closed at any time shop. Of course, independent web sites also have server leasing issues, but the differences between the two contract relationships are obvious.

secondly, the control of content and structure is different. Although the online shop can provide a wide variety of template selection, but because the shop’s technology to maintain unity, it is difficult to personalize, nor is it easy to modify. In response to this, booking easy travel outlets do some innovation. From the design, tourism outlets in accordance with similar tourism CMS system planning. Each module of the function, the direct sales shop users can according to their own needs to add and manage the system’s channels and columns. Also offers a variety of color style choices. This ensures that the shop does not appear at present website machine-made embarrassment. Well, back to the topic, interested friends can look at registration.

third, the competition object is different. Independent websites face wider competition areas than online shops. And from my current understanding of some domestic travel online shop, they are more direct competitors are dependent on the site of the same kind of online shop, and >

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