Zhang Zhiwen comment on the product value of the program and community operations short board

many sites are targeted at local stations, industry stations, and vertical stations. These sites need a community while web sites also require web sites to form a vertical domain content database. The operation of local communities, the community industry webmaster have such problems: how to guide users to participate in the construction of the content of the website? I will only operate their own popular http://s.liuxinghui.com/ sinks the community construction experience to share:

in the operation, we need to carefully adjust forum, control group number, we hope that users can in these communities continue to tap the value of products, to create content, but the problem is, if the lack of popularity, not enough topic, users have no incentive to provide content, participate in the discussion, not to participate in the discussion forum. / group is not enough to enter a vicious spiral. In the planning, is also very serious problems, for the content category vertical field complex, we use the community forum for classification, is not a low efficiency? Use forum / group to guide users to participate in the discussion, this is actually rely on users to drive the user, and where is this seed users so we can? See, in the initial site operators, forum, group, only the master of a person to play a life in the post, and then registered various vest, trying to create a good community atmosphere. However, website operation is not a task of community construction, as well as promotion and management, these are complementary, and the lack of sufficient efforts in any aspect will inevitably lead to a depression in the community.

said the website operation efficiency, the review of this content displayed in the form of a good, in fact, compared to the open community topic, comment is more like a proposition, the user will according to the site location and comment object, discuss the subject, if only the product can only be used in limited comment message form comment on it, a form of comment on the product itself is the community. You can see the watercress, whether it is reading, music, or movies, in general get attention comment page object, we can see to review the contents of various forms of sentence, the article comments, comment object theme group etc..

no matter what the user when they participate in the construction of the content, not always rely on users to drive the user, but the user driven content, which can reduce the adverse effects of popular users at the same time, the validity of the object of the comment is more durable than the community topic, the user can completely ignore the concept of time, this also reduces the adverse effects forum topic to timeliness of user generated content.

movies, music and books these comments, needless to say, look at the watercress up hot comments, watercress is to rely on the three kinds of cultural products to attract users and the beginning of the seed (opinion leaders), they provide the first batch of quality content, thus forming a unique community culture watercress the community culture, in turn drive the user to participate in the creation of content, then.

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