Talking about collecting articles in disguised form

do flow station most of the friends who should have acquired experience, you are not the end of the first page of the list from another station to collect it, then change the classification or change a site to collect? This is not feeling too vague? It is a skill acquisition.

When we collected

better not total acquisition, nor a list to the list of your collection, as long as we have the quality of the collection.

first, the recommended collection of hot articles in the website, in general, each category will have a popular article next to this category, we use this hot article as a list, such articles are multi view.

second, the website collection recommended articles, this article many cases are the first site of the original, so this article we should collect, also to recommend the article for the collection list.

third, the acquisition of keywords, such as the acquisition of the site to be collected in search of a keyword, with this search page for the list to collect, so that we collected the article is confused with the original site. Is it the same as we originally collected from one to ten better, and this collection can also be more convenient and convenient classification oh.

finally, we should add some code to the template of the website program, such as adding the article in front of the content of the article, which is provided by XXX station. The purpose of this article, etc., is to make a little difference between the content of the web site and the collection. This search engine will not be too disgusted! My station welcome you to do friendship connection, as long as Baidu included normal similar website can!


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