The 5 capabilities that a successful online marketer must have

said the master, I am feeling, because this is a dream of every network marketing staff, are thinking about who is closer to master, but the flesh is weak, so today I write this article, I also review their own.

1, successful internet marketers are good at observing

To succeed,

must learn from the successful, while the successful ones are good at imitating. The site can be divided into 2 categories, functional class, class information, such as: the search engine belongs to the class website, directly grab someone else’s site to facilitate Internet users to find information, Sina, Sohu, home is numerous this is information website.


that we learn these sites what? Function must be familiar with the master class, every function of the site, whether it is new or very early some function, information website, to observe home sticky, bold, color, rolling and other titles, writing. And then think about this function, and where does this title attract me, and whether it’s worth spreading to me?.

2, successful network marketing staff, good at learning

I love learning, whether it is free or not, who is talking about, I will be there to hear, because everyone has their own experience, the problems are different, these knowledge listen more for their good. Do everything to find interest from everything, learning is the same in the process of learning is very boring but remember a word: you are strong, there’s always someone better than you do, after the class practice steps, step by step in the operation again do summary.

3, successful internet marketers are good at innovating

innovation is based on your observation and practice of discovery problems, in accordance with the user’s interests without prejudice to, can do it well. For example: in the writing of the title, in order to attract users of eyeball and clicks in the title, with special symbols, in the product title plus offers, free shipping, free shipping, two for one, this is common title in Taobao.

4, a successful online marketing staff, good at planning

for planning, first of all clear and definite, and then think under what circumstances can achieve this goal. For example: micro-blog has many celebrities, they send every micro-blog quality is very high, will not casually send a worthless micro-blog. In the micro-blog celebrities are good at leveraging, to a simple thing for packaging, such as: XX to Sina, and micro-blog will send "Sina invited me to participate in such activities."".

5, successful internet marketing personnel, good at public relations

mix on the Internet, there will inevitably be problems, can not handle their own, may have to come forward, ask a friend to help, find strangers deal with events. For example: the company’s website has a negative news, the boss asked me to deal with, can not use third party SEO to the negative news, down from the search engine, as long as you find the site for ShanTie, if you continue to site for chatting, mood is excellent, "

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