Xie enterprise station how to enhance UPSELL and trust

upsell is to enhance the sales concept and application, combined with their own understanding, I like summer when the video store to buy a mobile phone, after buying a small shop recommended me to buy the mobile phone of the beautiful shell, as well as exquisite leather strap. This is the life example of upsell’s promotion sale.

How to increase sales on

. In this section, there is a good example. DELL’s computer system sales process, these questions are classic, very tempting. There are three ways to boost sales: 1, upgrade. 2, the amount of binding. 3, related auxiliary products. 4. related opposition products

DELL’s upsell is the way this customer buys a needle and ends up buying a whole bunch of new stuff. I’ve had this experience myself. At that time, I called just want to buy a notebook computer, DELL’s sales staff is very concerned and asked me what? When I say that he is a consultant, he advised me to buy a wireless card, convenient mobile office; with CD burning, easy to backup files; buy a spare battery, easy to use on the plane; finally, when I decided to buy, he suggested that I is not to have the logo of DELL


as you can imagine, my last purchase was well beyond the budget, but I was satisfied with my computer. Although some functions are hardly used today, Wi Fi and CD really benefit me a lot. DELL’s upsell is definitely a model, but I don’t think it’s easy to generalize its substance in the "profit model".

The biggest myth about

‘s "profit model" is that it makes us feel that profit is a way, or something smart, not customer value. What is behind this kind of correspondence? It’s the logic of a wise man: a good company can never beat a bad company.

from this point of view, we can really understand the essence of the DELL upsell model. In the IBM and HP distribution model, the computer provides customers with functional value, that is, computers can provide computing, word processing, office automation and other powerful functions. In the DELL one to one upsell model, the computer provides users with the value of the user itself: different users have different needs. What DELL’s salespeople do is understand and grasp the user’s personal value, so they can dig out these different requirements. That’s the ability, that’s the profit,


then how do you combine upsell with customer trust,

?Some problems about the network fraud

spread a lot, buy psychological tradition for online purchase of don’t see things we should first pay the way is extremely exclusive, no trust will become a major obstacle to buy online. How to build trust? Trust needs to be built through the details of the site.

professional website image. As an old saying goes,

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