Ren Changhua sharing intelligence have you done it

for many intelligent station webmaster, because intelligent website advertising, and blindly into their own pot of gold, or to when I founded Chuanghua intelligent station, began to borrow money from friends! For this part of the people should learn to put their own money management, spend every penny to the knife edge, you don’t want to think the intelligent software is to have a huge market, in fact, if not intelligent in the two development situation, customer acceptance rate is still very low, not to mention the customer renewals, because the real in the use of intelligent customers, mostly from the first contact with the Internet, so for them, this is the first time to enter the Internet, e-commerce is also very confused. As a webmaster of intelligent software, due to limited funds, there are a lot of intelligent input software owners did not return the money, the very existence lies in how to use their limited funds, I put it into a few percentage of software costs, advertising, domain name space. Their ratio is more than 3:5:2, the view represents individual viewpoint. Well, what you really do is a website’s profit = total quote – domain name – software costs – Advertising – other office needs. The above experience is summed up in these 2 years, for personal intelligent station owners very practical.

your real profitability of the intelligent site: you can say that the need to pay their own advertising as the primary, then you may ask, join the station will be what kind of, then I would definitely say. Site construction, now gradually formed to build the bar, chain for brand, commitment to enterprise brand website construction, build it, no intelligent site, only two development. For customers choose to build it, more trusted network localization. It has the customer resources, has the website localization which the customer really needs. For the agent, we have set up a series of training and development business market.

joined the station it is not to make money, not a billionaire achievement of large projects, but the real change can be a lot of people, they find their own dreams, find their own understanding of e-commerce, believe their efforts in the future become the most scale and influence of local site construction developers. Only local, beyond the local is very possible, but it depends on their own ability.

said the funds management: I am not a good man for money management, if the cause of love, family, friends, money, can be divided according to the primary and secondary order is: Career – Friends – family – Love – money. Once the love ranked first, after precipitation, found that a man should have their own goals, goals need friends, family support is the most important, love will become a family, so I am not good at love. Money has been ranked last, but this appears to be a problem, when you need no investment funds when you assume a lot, but need to solve their own, is a kind of psychological comfort hypothesis. Friends may give you a lot of ideas about how to invest in your friends, but it requires friends to understand what you do. At first I did intelligent construction, many people do not recognize

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