My website maintains a little experience share

today a whole day’s work is mainly carried out systematically on some websites on my hand, put some things out of order were summarized systematically, now gradually clear, but also feel a sense of accomplishment, according to some 08 years of experience to do stand and prospects for 09 years, mainly want to talk about the following tips:

1 do stand to have heavy and heavy

has seen a lot of articles criticizing the webmaster should not blindly map number, should make their own site less, did not feel a very profound experience before, now, before I have a forum, really hard to do, but limited to the forum audience circle is relatively small, not too big development prospects therefore, I turned to the other 4 stations, most of these sites is I think the promising sites, of course there is a station because of my work, want to make good use of their own resources at hand, but took over after found very difficult, because a person’s energy is limited, not be proficient in everything. For example: before I do the forum is discuz background, a new mobile phone network is a new cloud CMS, then an environmental network based on dedecms, then the model is also a network of dedecms, 3 sets of management system with itself is an energy consuming thing, not to mention the updated content is different to change, different roles, different way of converting the way it is, so I feel very difficult, so my feeling is that the station must not do more, even if you have a lot of good ideas, I want to take as long as 1 ~ 2 is good, do not be all too much.

2 do stand, must pay attention to

I now find myself doing things less attention, often it is not finished on the next thing, so every day I feel very busy every day but did not seem to feel what things, without a detailed plan of action will be greatly reduced their. For example, is maintaining a site, suddenly encountered a difficult problem to solve, then through the search engine or to find a solution by asking others, but in the process, but also found other problems, or find a new plug-in is very good, he turned to the study of new plug in,…. The result is that, at the end of his initial problem has not been solved, but found that more needs to be done or easily resolved, give yourself a great sense of frustration, therefore, personally, do stand must have a plan, but must focus on


3 create new station, must pay attention to the quality at the same time, pay attention to speed

when you have a good idea, after a lot of market research, feasibility then proceed to make a website of course to strive for perfection, referring to the shortcomings of others to try to improve their website, in the production process will continue to the emergence of new problems, such as the registration mechanism is not perfect, not the page perfect navigation is not clear, and so on, these problems are to be solved, but if the time is not wide.

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