My website the home of memories the way forward

first explained that he was skipping classes today to admin5. I am not a professional webmaster, may be under the grassroots. First of all, I don’t plan to spend all my life on the website. Website is not my favorite hobby. People who see this article are not just Admin5 webmaster, I hope more people can see.

started one day last year, and I was on the way to the station. Borrowed from the school library this HTML language, there is a Dreamweaver (do not know if there is no mistake). It took me almost two months to build up my web site. Followed by Baidu and other search engine income, and later is that they do not look good, unsightly, and then from the Internet to get a system to hang up. Followed by Baidu was K, and then there is no traffic, and later Baidu income, and now Baidu revenue in more than 900, I satisfied with myself, at least snapshot updates every day.

now, come back, I also summed up with many webmaster similar experience:

one, first of all, the website itself details and content perfect, don’t midway revision is very serious kind.

two, submit sitemap, this effect is obvious relative to google.

three, when filling in the content of the website, keyword and article content match already achieved SEO effect (pay attention to keyword density).

four, every day (time) update the article, in order to achieve the search engine friendliness; I found that Baidu is very fond of updated fast web site.

five, the outer chain (anti connect)

1. to blog writing soft, best is original.

2. to find a website exchange friendship connection (anti connection), this look at the ability and skills of the webmaster.

3. to check other sites, are included in the more powerful, and see how the people’s anti connection is done, is done in those sites. Learn more, see more, practice more.

4. goes to Baidu (focus on Baidu search, try doing it yourself).

5. before the search engine included stability, or rely on the promotion of the former, in order to achieve temporary traffic, with the IP search engine to find quickly.

six, I think the key is to have long endurance, patience, persistence, I want to satisfy myself.

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