Success of nternet business ten case analysis of successful websites 2

The success of the

website has its own reference for new Internet business novice, how fast through the station to earn a pot of gold, to understand and learn from the successful website profit model is very necessary.

one, you can also be a successful webmaster

two, play shares of the city network

three, Automotive China to do the most practical vehicle site

four, CG art vanguard – CGFinal net

More than

content details can be to the article "Internet Business Success Road (ten): successful website case analysis (1)" read

five, take the professional direction of Iraq show female network


type: female information information site

Webmaster: Li Ao,

1. site reviews

with the increase of various websites, the deepening of content has become the only way for the current site. It is the development trend of the website to carry out further development in small areas. Show this period women network comment (, is a professional website, the station was established in 2007, with the female life related information for the main, after more than a year of development, the current site daily average independent visits was 100 thousand IP, more than 800 thousand pageviews (PV).

2. site positioning

show is a female vertical interactive portal related website, is committed to the dissemination of fashion information at home and abroad, focusing on urban female netizens, leading the urban lifestyle of women, to fashion information and communication.

3. website features and promotion model

"fine" is a major feature of the show network, the show network content is not at the most, but you can see every article was carefully chosen, editing the title of the article writing and content are also more professional.

is one of the thematic planning show net soul and character, the show in the hot events or a female topic will launch the project, improve the practicality and readability of the thematic further featured article. The content of the thematic planning is more comprehensive, and the page design is also very attractive, in line with the audience’s aesthetic tendency.


diagram 14

according to the webmaster introduced, Iraq show nets and has not spent more energy to promotion, and no specific search engine optimization. The main effort is also to do a good job of content, and do fine content, at present, every day tens of thousands of loyal users concerned about the Iraqi show network.

for content oriented web sites, select valuable articles and keep content >

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