Talking about stationmaster needs courage and wisdom when starting a business

to tell you the truth, this is my identity as a webmaster wrote the first sentiment, if the writing is not good, please take IP hit me. If you write well, just brush me with PV.

the second half of 2006 began to engage in stationmaster occupation, now not in any computer language, will be chinese.

1., many people do not dare to try, in fact, in 100 people, at least 60-80 of people have entrepreneurial passion, or that they think a good project.

but how many people are trying to make efforts? Less than 1/3, many people think of feasible projects, but they haven’t done anything yet,.

2., no guts, sluggish, is the biggest misunderstanding, many people believe that entrepreneurship requires a lot of conditions, such as funds, teams, contacts, and so on, “““

For example,

in this circle there are many webmaster do stand students said they do not have the ability to undertake the venture, for their own future to support their parents, worried about a series of problems he did not marry and settle down or have the courage to face the conflict with the school and give up halfway.

countless people do poineering dream, only a few people put into action, why entrepreneurship is a brave game. Dare to think and dare to do, take courage is the primary capital of entrepreneurs.

3. on the road of entrepreneurship in the beginning is flat, think about land, after the discovery, the original is concave, there are too many things to make up for.

business team is not a problem? If you are really determined to start a business, you can’t wait, trying to organize a bitter were difficult, with each one has his good points for our team. Funds, students, office workers, or any entrepreneur will encounter funding problems, but the start-up funds can be more or less, the key lies in the selection of the project. Pick projects that are creative and small, and start snowball like anyone else can start from scratch. Take the newly risen station, The station is very general, but it’s high traffic. How much input do you need? Do you need a team? No, you don’t need it. OK, 123 is a miracle. I think is also a miracle.

4. experience is no experience? How come? Experience is in practice a Mexican out, there is a saying called "decided to head butt", a lot of people working in the company for many years, let him when he was still when leadership is not good, because he never stood in a position to make any decision on. In the rapid development, the economic situation changes, the entrepreneur’s experience in the past, at your age, is still valid? If you enter a new field, and to whom to learn experience? A lot of things are their sentiment in the entrepreneurial process. What you sum up is often the most practical.

5., do not think too complex, and do not think too simple, the road of ups and downs, at the beginning of the edge

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