Linger at the edge of the garbage dump

today is a memorable day, because two years of advertising revenue today is most of the day, 3500 of the income of this should bring me joy, but I was not happy, a friend asked me to the station, I say dumpster do not look worth mentioning. But friends say 3500 a day income what kind of garbage station, heard here I have to think about what is the garbage station, don’t I stand really shameful? Because my information is collected? Or because I put the station floating ads? If so, but I am also in the heart in the ah, every day to collect information regularly a family, I have to stand on their own content, or it is shameful? But because it let me have the capital of life, also has the power to do in this industry, I do not know if this idea is not shameful, but I know So many of the navigation station, QQ station, entertainment station, their information is written in their own name? Or seriously in collecting information collection is not in the collection of information of


I also want to do a normal station, please write your own information several nice MM every day, once found the other station and I have similar will accuse each other of plagiarism, but I don’t have so much capital to please people ah, so lazy lazy way, recently made a information I don’t have to add. Others are automatically login to my station entry information, this is the regular station is authentic, I swear to me now in addition to the background of the audit audit information of others, the other I did not own a copy to other sites points, but I know that not to money, or simply to the Title to write a public XX station, is to do something good for the Internet, but that no one look, well, put it, love to watch, anyway is not garbage station


money station, for my own life, it is not garbage station, I need to make money station, if you think rubbish returns money for me, why let me die poor, ~


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