How does a web site solve a content source problem


is full of massive content on the Internet now, many of our webmaster to the site before the content is completely on the user experience and feelings, not to position themselves in a user’s perspective to consider, if I think I want to see a user is what kind of content, but only one to pursue the keyword ranking and advertising, to join in the wanton advertisements, keywords, links, which allow users to browse up very repugnant, often a lot of users before entering the website to read the contents of these things but the emergence of the user experience of reading immediately fell to the lowest point, most users will directly close the window. The direct cause of linear website bounce rate rise.

content for these cheating Baidu pay more and more attention to this one, on May 17, 2013 Baidu pomegranate algorithm, focus on the Internet with low quality content, since the on-line algorithm contains a lot of pomegranate, affect the user browsing experience and pop ads lot was the serious punishment, especially a lot of medical sites, some of them have been Baidu pulled hair, according to Baidu pomegranate algorithm attack, many webmaster and network editor did not know what to do, before the batch to make the contents of the method seems to have been very dangerous, so in this period we now how to solve the problems of our website content source? Here to share a few do content note:


content we can do to included and can not to add advertising or control keywords to do content, we must know that our content is to give users see, we need to meet the needs of users to retain users.

one, for the industry using Baidu drop-down box search and Baidu related search to tap user needs

we put our industry keywords in Baidu search, Baidu on the drop-down box and relevant search words, these words are the user search volume in recent time, our industry is relatively high, it is also a reflection of a demand, our industry users for example, I was doing the crane industry I, the Baidu search the drop-down box and relevant search content as shown below.

drop-down box


correlation search


I’ve been tracking the Baidu drop-down box and related searches for several weeks, and I can see that the two obvious requirements for the word "crane" are the crane video and the picture of the crane.

two, for the excavation of the needs of the content to do

we have to map out the content of our web site according to our user requirements, such as the crane industry I do, I follow and find that users need long time for cranes, videos and cranes pictures

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