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Apple’s achievements are obvious to people you, here are some of the data released by the February 14, 2012 Wei Feng Network last season iPhone and iPad sales record stimulus, Apple shares in early trading today broke through $500, a record high. By market capitalization, apple is now the world’s largest company ($456 billion), surpassing Exxon Mobil’s $402 billion, even higher than the Google ($198 billion 900 million) and Microsoft ($2567) market capitalization.

first I have neither learned nor understand the marketing plan, here is not to talk about Apple’s innovative spirit, but with some in the side of the little things about the Apple marketing troops of the road.

: the first to grasp the

Chinese of ostentation

do not know is a trend or the whole system of our society distorted, Chinese love wealth and this is an indisputable fact, the foreigners do not understand no contact with people in other countries, other countries do not know whether or not people love to show off their wealth, but this apple for the psychological Chinese have to grasp very well, here I give you a little detail in our lives that.

often QQ knows that QQ landing Apple product, whether it is your head or you and others in the chat will show signs of special apple, a friend of the author of the recently bought a Iphone mobile phone, as for the reason she bought the Iphone mobile phone is very simple QQ picture Apple will have a unique symbol, I believe many people buy Apple mobile phone are directed to this point, Apple’s handling of the details of the not say is the extraordinary as if done by the spirits, have great originality. In order to make the display of "identity" special logo, do not know how many Chinese live frugally, and even go to the kidney.

I don’t know what

did not have statistics how many people are directed to the function of apple, other brands of mobile phone I also used a lot, said a lot of truth or practical in terms of price and function of quality or better than Apple’s mobile phone, but in the marketing of this hand on the other. Mobile phone manufacturers (Samsung, Motorola, HTC) difference may be more than one grade, is not afraid of deep alley of the era, this era of light has a good product is not enough, there must be a good marketing tool to reflect the value of the product.

second: the problem of positioning Apple products from the first

how to position the audience of apple? Let us see what people in the use of Iphone: some root there is no source of income for students in Iphone, parents use the money to buy; some jobs just set foot on the new workplace people are using Iphone, even at the money to buy some food; high income.

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