A female webmaster’s online career nearly a month’s experience

first introduced, I was a junior high school students, cultural level can be said that only primary school degree in 09 years at the beginning of April, plans to start my career, because read too little, no culture or technology, what do not come, so I choose "Wangzhuan" for Wangzhuan me too don’t know, just to see people can earn money, do more advertising, it is easy to earn money after joining the same as others, so I joined my first project Wangzhuan Road, the time I paid 200 yuan for the initial fee, after the MLM who got the so-called million and a garbage station, I am not here to carry out. I do not know what is the pyramid, I only know that I can make people join, I began to actively promote the project to the station, every day to more crazy forum propaganda, ID, scold, also asked people to ask, but after it is not added, otherwise. Is he from others that join.

why? I tell you, when you get a project, you will get a station or a blog to promote the project, and when there is advice to ask you when you introduced a project, I believe that most people will start from the first page of Baidu search, then what is the man of course? Is the first to do the project, many people will think so, do it for a long time of hard, so he is certainly better from here to join, so, when we are in fact hard propaganda, only for others to propaganda, of course I don’t exclude a few people benefit, I hope you yourself knew. After I give up the pyramid with the nature of the project, although it took the money, after all, marketing is so many people not shame, a failure did not let me give up, this time I made a forum, my goal, what money, yes, I believe we do Wangzhuan is to, not for money, but also what to do.


I still thinking about how to make money, every day I go to send advertising propaganda forum to increase traffic and sell advertising, daily traffic to advertisers, but also to a lot, but every day to visit are different classes, repeat is almost zero, do some days so far, I still very confused, I always ask myself, such a forum is interesting, in addition to advertising and what. This station has meaning? Even a little to keep visitors the core are not, what is the difference between this and a dumpster in? When I write this article, I have decided to take the development of the forum, although the forum is not ideal, but I will always stick to it, I hope you will support me, I will not put the money to see it, you may ask, are you doing this not for money. Yes, but at least not at the moment. I just want one to manage the forum now, the intention to let everyone love on this forum, the forum that is useful, hope predecessors provided some valuable suggestions to me! This is my first time to write the article, the expression of language ability is not very good, I hope you forgive me! >

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