t is not enough for a good website to use only SEO

What does

SEO do? SEO is a tool for presenting your website content to the search engine better and presenting it to your visitors. That is to say, a web site, first of all, has enough user experience on the content, and then to assist SEO, will make the site a higher level.

However, many new Adsense

early in the site, not the key to grasp the content of the website and the page layout, is to spend a lot of time to catch the SEO, so the short term may become the search engine of the lucky, but ultimately can always be abandoned by the search engine,

The loss outweighs the gain.!Please

the webmaster beat his chest to ask yourself, that is the establishment of a long-term exhibition preparation, if you are really going to long-term foothold in the website of this group, you’d better not to use SEO in the beginning, but calm down to your site content well! Remember a little, the content is king.

and so on, after a certain level, SEO will make your site more excellent! Website content should have its own characteristics, to have their own independent user base.

so it’s far from good for a good website to use only SEO, so don’t be so persistent,


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