N earth eight road webmaster drink speak truth

just had a few empty seats yesterday, and drank a lot from the bar with some of the stationmaster. No way, usually everyone special bird busy, busy today do station, tomorrow busy original, the day after tomorrow to optimize. The day after tomorrow. Busy enough, almost even myself my name will soon go behind. Money is earned little, but the degree of glasses also put forward, sleep disorders, I wonder if endocrine disorders?. More bird is premature ovarian failure ~ hey hey, I’m a man, should not have it.

chatted and scolded Baidu: "this is the year.". Take your own hot face, and shy to Baidu: "Hello, give me a little traffic, OK? Unfortunately, I’ll get a cold ass.". Who do you offend? Why do you offend Baidu? The head of Chinese search engine?. Cold ass have posted ah, how persuasion, several soil eight road station is also the whole out of a way to do. I’ll work it out.

first, dear comrade Deng Xiaoping said: "the quality of the website is the first


in the preparation of the site, we must first have an accurate positioning, to see who? Mr Tang said: whether black or white, good is good. Function should be specific, in place. Can provide accurate and perfect service users, or customers with your part. Comrades hao123 homepage is not how, but powerful, alignment of user groups, rather than illusory.

two, Chairman Mao often taught us: adhere to the original.

original also want to be creative, you write your day eating and drinking, Lazarus, ghost to see you. The original can give users a new experience, can fully attract users and join the search engine, increase the return rate, do not use some collection means repeated things online, webmaster want to pay his labor, with their own hard work in exchange for real users. Chairman Mao’s words are correct,

three, Ouyang Suonan said: the website maintenance as cleaners, see where the bad, sweep.

"immutable and frozen even if content is again good, see more, there is no attraction, you men see beauty, beautiful woman, a long time also look tired, so webmaster want to regularly update the content, do not think that the pay can enjoy a happy home, earn money, do not believe individual website publicity, the world is no free breakfast. Webmaster should keep abreast of the development of the relevant situation, master the latest information, and enrich to your website, keep evergreen, this can make your website also keep evergreen, purse also can more and more drum. In a word, payment is equal to income.

four, anti corruption Bureau shouted: resolutely resist cheating.

online has many assassin software, QQ crazy paste, BBS mass. Baidu crazy hair and other software. If you do not, then do not use, because this is the behavior of chronic Dutch act website, not only bring real customers not to your website, will only bring you the virus, Trojan horse, bring disputes, and even lead to legal liability, I think some Adsense or >

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