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mobile Internet era quietly hit, changing our way of life, but also a large number of design forces into the mobile terminal design field. Under the background of Web2.0, designers who have grown up are somewhat acclimatized when they enter such a new field". Hope that through this article can bring you some new directions and try to explore.

Research on

network environment

according to CNNIC thirty-second Internet development survey, as of June 2013, China’s mobile phone users total size of 464 million. Among them, the mobile browser user size of 369 million, an increase of 21%, mobile phone users in the penetration rate of 79.5%.

users use mobile browser frequency steadily, 75.6% of users use every day, of which 63.3% of users use more than once a day. At the same time, from the point of view of the use of time, mobile Internet began to occupy the computer Internet time, has become a mainstream Internet users in our country.

mobile browser as the entrance of mobile Internet status will be further stable and enhanced, but also become the primary entrance for Internet users access to mobile internet. Under such circumstances, the establishment of websites only on the PC side has begun to fail to meet the needs of users. Mobile terminal site building is imperative.

As shown in

, the popularity of 3G4G networks and WIFI coverage are growing rapidly, while the relative share is constantly improving. Good network environment will create more space for mobile terminal website design. This is the website of visual display and experience to bring more possibilities, and because of low speed network is still relatively large proportion, so the performance of Web site optimization is still urgent attention points of each designer.

platform supports


browser as the site of the bearing base, the data reflect the smart mobile device market share is very high, and universal intelligent mobile equipment system and the third party browser browser is a basic WebKit kernel, compatibility degree are high on the website, which is designed to bring more controllable. (compared to IE6 users use rate is still as high as 24% PC end of June 2013 [Microsoft data: IE6 market share, China,], WebKit Ccs3 and HTML5 browser kernel on site support rate reached more than 93.5%.


interaction differential

different terminals have different ways of interacting. The way PC interacts with mobile devices is vastly different. On PC, good page interaction is not quite right on the mobile end page. Mobile terminals have richer ways of interacting, such as using the gravitational induction of a cell phone gyroscope to achieve some interaction (such as using gravity sensors)

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