What do grass root stationmaster need most

in October during the national day, I wrote a "grassroots Webmaster: strong push" Internet world article, in A5, behind several mainstream webmaster forum, is intended to increase the small chain himself, at the same time to pay tribute to the hard work of the small owners, because I also belong to the grass family, do stand more than a year, which stand by knowing. After the publication, the day was A5, outdated included, and then was more than 30 forums reprinted each other, and some made some changes, but not the original intention, false original, cheat search engine, I certainly understand.

with the emergence of Web2.0, outstanding Discuz free use and powerful features, has brought a new wave of Internet start-ups, the emergence of all people are webmaster, websites are forums situation. As can be seen, grassroots Adsense has become an Internet force can not be ignored.

asked in modern times, the grassroots webmaster need most is what is money?? or entrepreneurial experience? I think that did not say in the key, the grassroots webmaster and need most is the lack of systematic and standard network marketing training.

grassroots webmaster including small success or not successful small owners, organized a company responsible for the website operation, or own station business, and even many use the network to promote the function of specific "moderator", "group", "the landlord". The quantity is large, and the quality of work or professional skills should be further improved.

1, grassroots webmaster has enough enthusiasm and enthusiasm, there are admirable originality, but in actual operation, but lack of operating skills and flexibility. As some owners to promote the simple understanding "Links", "post", but not from the positioning of the site to find high quality link object, or the target population targeted promotion.

2, grassroots webmaster often neglected, a multitasker, exhausted, but does not allow the superiors, customer satisfaction, will not let their satisfaction; they have 12 very determined to make the site bigger and stronger, but always a strange combination of circumstances there will be some place to lose level beyond all expectations.

3, grassroots webmaster has a strong desire for knowledge and learning ability, good at using "Baidu" "Google" search related knowledge. They are A5, outdated regulars, the webmaster forums often leave their footprints. But faced with massive network of knowledge and promotion experience, they are difficult to choose and lose, at a loss. They often ask "what is the most effective promotion method?" "how can you increase the PR value fastest?", but not combined with the characteristics of the site, design a set of promotional programs for yourself. There is a webmaster to see a "101" website promotion method, can not be used on all these methods, only the combination of the particular stage of their own strengths, characteristics and site site promotion, promotion methods to design the most effect.

4, grassroots webmaster often accustomed to step-by-step routine operation, lack of emergency response ability. Once a hacker attacks, disease >

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