Beans fruit food the community has 100 million users how to achieve closed loop

dark horse said: Gourmet O2O tuyere continues. Beans fruit for many years to do community delicacy, the accumulation of a large number of high-quality users in the commercial realization of take a road different from conventional electricity supplier of semi-finished products, to the real needs of users as a starting point, starting the new segments of semi-finished products. When the wind is getting closer, founder Wang Yuxiang believes that the bean fruit delicacy transformation, has been imminent.

  Wang Yuxiang

has done four years of bean fruit food, this year Wang Yuxiang feel particularly true: food O2O tuyere really come!


capital strength is always all-powerful, carrying everything quickly on the outlet. Bean fruit food positioning evolution, followed the "tool – Community – electricity supplier" typical path, when the community has accumulated enough high-quality water users, from the community to the electricity supplier transformation process is particularly smooth. So far, the bean fruit gourmet electricity supplier excellent food sinks on-line, but half a year, the amount of semi-finished food alone more than the original living network, the monthly rate of re acquisition up to 40%-50%.

basic necessities of life are the four fields of life style. Wang Yuxiang believes that the "eat" this market must have been the last transformation, which can push young people demand must be semi finished electricity supplier. And the two premise of the transformation – supply chain integration and consumption escalation – has already occurred.

"in 2011, when I was making bean food, gourmet O2O wasn’t an air outlet, but we always insisted on deep plowing.". From the second half of last year, the food market began to emerge a variety of projects, the wind gradually approaching. At this point, we have more than 100 million users and become the largest food sharing community in the country. We are ready to take off. Metamorphosis, imminent."

in Wang Yuxiang’s view, eating is just need to share the menu by leveraging dishes basket, which will be a 10 trillion magnitude market.

cut semi-finished products from the user electricity supplier

beans and fruit dishes took more than three years to "raise" a gourmet community. Since its founding, Wang Yuxiang has painted a portrait of a middle-class white-collar or housewife between 25 and 35 years old. This group of people after 80 and 90 based, they are beans fruit gourmet most valuable users, but also most likely to experience fresh electricity supplier and O2O a group of people.

"70", "after 60", the vast majority of people will cook, after 50 and 40 every day to supermarkets and food markets, only 90 and 80 will think that cooking is a problem, thus eating this market will be excavated." "Eat" the market is the first to transform the catering and takeaway industry. But Wang Yuxiang believes that compared to "eat in" the market basket is really just, one is eating out every day takeaway two is not realistic, 80 and 90 gradually married, "go home for dinner" the increasingly strong demand.

doesn’t keep the group in the community overnight

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