Hacker is it really fun to invade servers

hacker, is it really fun to invade servers? I don’t know what you’re doing for money or just to practice technology,


although I could not say that I am a master server security configuration, but why is to invade me and 4 of my website is paralyzed, do you think I am very painful? You are wrong, this will only make me more deeply to learn the knowledge of.

server security configuration

I don’t have any income today. It doesn’t matter. I didn’t go to panic, and I didn’t feel any pity. Instead, I was more grateful to you for causing me to install the system from the new, so that I can configure the security configuration.

which is better now

at noon today 12 points when 4 of my website is normal. But I eat after less than half an hour. Unexpectedly, my 4 websites suffer. After I find the hacker’s QQ, I added and he exchanged a few words, he admitted that he had invaded my server. He said he could make 300 sites a day, of course, I think it is Speechless. Even I did not expect that, since he said selling connections to me. 5000. a month. It makes me sweat…, really no way to talk to you. I have to contact me from taking to the server the new installation of.


today is 2008 02, 23 days, from my school for 2 days, I hope tomorrow will be able to restore the original appearance,.

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