5 major budget factors to consider in responsive Web Design


[editor’s note] the writer is Brad Frost, a mobile web strategist and designer for digital interactive advertising company R/GA, and a front-end development engineer. The author makes a brief comparison of response sites and separate mobile sites, and summarizes some budget considerations for building responsive websites,

first of all, I want to start the topic today with a real example. Have a website project at the initial stage of the construction did not move the equipment into account, but in the subsequent design process, there are about 80% customers will ask such a question: the site above the iPad show the effect will be how to face the problem? The entire development team began to panic, so the whole project schedule needs to develop, the budget will also increase, and ultimately make the effect is not satisfactory.

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of the story is, from the beginning of a project should be taken into account every kind of mobile devices, and be aware of future unpredictability and forward-looking, because the old things always have to be eliminated, new things emerge.

then, is it the design of responsive web sites or the creation of a dedicated mobile site,

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final judgement, with the popularity of 3G, more and more people use mobile phone internet. Mobile devices are becoming more common than desktop devices, becoming the most common terminal for accessing the Internet, and responsive web design has become a general trend. But I still want to make a simple comparison between the two, the construction site is not responsive to much lower cost than a mobile website? At first, the construction of mobile websites and responsive website costs may be similar, but because there are many different versions of the N mobile web site, data update and subsequent equipment maintenance requires a lot of investment costs. But there is no such a problem of responsive website. In addition, the small plate like Galaxy or Note is a large screen mobile phone is still in the gray area, in the end they show the mobile version of the page or display the desktop version of the page, it is to let the user in a dilemma.


builds responsive sites that need to consider budgetary factors

compared to mobile sites alone, although the cost of follow-up maintenance of response sites will be relatively low, but this does not mean that responsive design is perfect. And, with budget implications, every penny counts, so it’s also necessary to make an effective budget. Here are some of the factors that need to be considered for building responsive websites:

1. keep pace with the times and master the latest developments

allows everyone to keep up with the latest developments in the industry and make sure everyone in the team understands what responsive design is. If you don’t understand the current situation, take time to understand, and see what trends are

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