Webmaster how to do pop up adsTalk about website profit mode add gas to new person

after years of summing up, I think the simpler the money making model, the less the process, the easier it is to make money.


a simple list of the websites of some of the profits, in the website at the beginning, we should have a clear direction, our website profit pattern is how, then we need to plan the profit model, do the appropriate things. Our website is to make money, so we have to make money fast, accurate and relentless, so as not to waste their youth, make full use of your time, to achieve optimal results! For several listed above, you can see a profit model computer training network using www.pcpx.org.cn ?

3, do traffic, hang sh419, shlf1314 Advertising, 1Wip can bring hundreds of revenue.

In the

secondly, in addition to selecting advertisers, we should try our best to optimize our website, otherwise we can make the website as fast as possible. Originally, the pop-up has been slowed down the site, and this will reduce our site traffic. What we have to do is to optimize our website, speed up, so that users do not think it is slow, willing to accept, even if there is pop, but also to see our website.

6, do PR, do search engine included quantity, and then sell links, a month can bring one to two thousand of the proceeds.


4, do flow, and then summed up the flow of methods, the sale of tutorials or training, a few hundred a day can do.

5, do SEO, on the rankings, and then contact businesses to do monthly advertising. industry website

first of all, the impact of the current financial crisis, many advertising alliance will be greatly reduced, then how to choose these ad League has become our top priority. The selection of these advertising must be honest, that is a good reputation in the advertising industry, not deadbeat, this is very important. After all, our money has not come easily. It’s hard-earned money. No one wants to black the black advertisers. I am here to recommend several easy to ads8, and the Wanatchee.

doesn’t have a website yet. Hopefully, a website will come out as soon as possible, and then use some of the following ways to make money quickly.


above is what I do my website 123 read: www.123du.net little enlightenment, this may be helpful to you, if there is something wrong, please advise

many friends are experiencing the above said the journey came, stick to it, and now big, make money; did not adhere to, or often change, and now still do not earn money.


7, do directional flow, the sale of their own things or other people’s things, do well, a day can do tens of thousands of income.

heard that the website can make money, as long as there is a computer will be able to make money, and it is easy to easy money be tempted join Wangzhuan industry, do click, registration, investigation, feeling very tired and can’t earn much money, give up. That is the right way to do Wangzhuan, began to collect learning materials, website. The site is ready, no traffic, read a lot of traffic tutorial, picked some simple methods of operation to do, and the result is still no traffic. No flow, finally did not earn money -> it seems Wangzhuan is a lie, don’t make money, give up

1, do flow, and then the flow of the site to do the webmaster network for sale, sold out and then to do another site, and sell.

my site 123 to read, there have been nearly ten thousand IP, very stable, clear interface, rich content, complete functions, can be said to be a successful website, for those pages out of order website, I can proudly tell you, this is really my station all over the world the one and only stand for it, the content at a glance, users want to see what is there, but we want to know how I do pop ads to make money? How can the income does not affect the flow under the condition of

said above, the website is Wangzhuan way, yes, I often give my students say, do Wangzhuan, no website like war without any basis, is not stable on the. Then, we do website, and where to make money,

2, do flow, traffic will be sold, 1WIP can sell to around 100 yuan. not recommended

website make money before the course start contact Wangzhuan novice.

finally is to choose the right window for your website. Don’t assume that as much as possible, you can make more money, because we have to consider the effectiveness of advertising. After all, if the delivery person did not make any money, so it is also a waste of money, which will affect the confidence of advertisers, so to choose their own appropriate advertising, advertising let users know more information, and make advertisers benefit, this is a win-win situation. A vote cast is very miscellaneous short-sighted behavior, remember!

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