Ten thousand new board company earnings to borrow money from the bottom 1 times higher than the cost

from the data point of view, the overall asset liability ratio of the new three board enterprise showed a significant decline. In this wave of leverage reduction, big enterprises and small businesses have a completely different destiny.

in the three board market index bears a whole bear for 1 years, zero, 7 months later, more than 10000 listed companies live in the end how?

read research center data, revenue size of more than 1 billion yuan in 224 companies, from 2014 to 2016, debt rate fell by only 5.52%, while revenue size of 10 million yuan in the same period 711 enterprises debt rate decreased by 18.64 percentage points.

in 2016, the total income of 224 enterprises with an income scale of 1 billion yuan or more increased from 474 billion 600 million yuan at the end of 2014 to 768>

in fact, the total liabilities of large enterprises are still increasing.


no harm without contrast,

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also reduces the debt to equity ratio, and the larger the business, the better. In 2016, 224 enterprises with a revenue size of more than 1 billion yuan, the average asset liability ratio was 65.18% in 2014, compared with 58.14% in 2016, a decrease of only 5.52%. On the contrary, in 2016, the scale of revenue in 10 million yuan less than 711 enterprises, in 2014 the average asset liability ratio was only 47.35%, to 2016 fell to 30.70%, a full reduction of 18.64 percentage points.

According to the new three board

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from 2014 to 2016, in the A-share listed company debt ratio did not decline significantly in the background, the new board company debt ratio fell from 56% to 40%, a drop of 16 percentage points.

we look at the index of debt to equity ratio. Read:

small business financing difficulties, borrowing costs become larger, enterprises borrowing costs of less than 10 million yuan has been close to 100 million yuan or more enterprises 1 times. Coupled with many small enterprises belonging to the light asset industry, pre listing debt ratio is very high. In this case, lowering leverage is an option.

this shows that these years have been living in the three new board companies to tighten their belts and belts! Looking most tightly is the small scale of enterprises.

new board overall lowering leverage, large enterprises obvious differentiation

according to read the new three board research center data, in 2016, the average assets and liabilities of the new three board company was 40.04%, compared with 56.19% in 2014, down 16 percentage points. The average asset liability ratio of A shares in 2014 was 45.91%, compared with 42.17% in 2016, a very small drop.

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