How do your stationHow to get tens of thousands of traffic Raiders with mom two how to identify the

      a lot of people that I think is the title of the party, the mom in this platform, to make traffic here, actually big bird and want to do simple explanation: in fact, the use of the mom to earn real traffic, it is unrealistic to think that, you spend less than 100 yuan a July, think by tens of thousands of IP, and want to earn shlf1314 AD through this, it is not realistic. But if you do normal station, take the brand strategy, advertising, then use the Ali Mama, is very worth it.

for guest station, this problem many successful master have their own experience, after all, then the new guest, each one has his good points, what are you good at? You are the forum? You are the soft master? You are an expert in SEO?…………

      OK; said so much; now let’s solve the real problem,

      what is the actual problem today? We are full of money, the account also opened, Alipay also verified, then began to buy website advertising, then, with a superb collection of beautiful things of advertising, is not a kind of feeling at a loss? Or is it the feeling of buying it all at once? Please do not get excited, and now, Ali’s mother’s many advertising bits are not worth us to buy, so we must learn to analyze: those advertising bits are not worth us to buy?

simply said, I was 08 years from the March guest contact, starts from me to Amoy, I recognized, guest must be promising. After careful study, I decided to build a station. This station is also the first time I do, with the imperial CMS do. Below and share my experience since the following do station experience. If say wrong, please correct me!

      1 site traffic is less than 5000IP per day, several consecutive Ali mom small advertising stacked together.

also saw a post today to say whether it should be a detailed description of the product, which I personally think is very necessary. If you want to live by search, you have to do it. My station has more than 80 gates every day

I remember just read a post, said very well. Do the Tao is to do marketing. What 100 has a well earned! Oh, I think so, not the Tao do have a monthly income thousand yuan

starts with basic work, program security, server selection, page art, basic SEO, etc. if you’re blogging, skip this step,.

      the bird will always remember the first company to do their own boss, we always have to these employees to participate in various exhibitions, felt very hard, each show to ask customers are few, secretly complain: it took the exhibition fee, and took no effect of artificial, things always to us do! Later, with a big customer signing the bill, he inadvertently said: "your company activities still many, last time what exhibition, see you."!

 :    : why do you say that, because if you’re below a 5000IP site and a couple of small ads put together, you remember that you’ve seen this site, and your ad is even seen by the user?

      last, we try to register the mom and deposit a certain amount of money to buy advertising, then this, let’s take a look at, should pay attention to when buying advertising problems.

is the second selection of goods, I remember we have discussed, is big and full, or small and fine, I think so, as long as it is easier to sell online, have to do. For example: clothing, shoes, bags and so on. Other more popular no time to do.

!How do

has a guest friend and I said, although every day, but the Commission transactions are too low, then I asked to know, he didn’t do a single product promotion, do is " Taobao stores ". I asked him why, he said " Taobao stores & quot; a more relaxed, a commodity too tired. I suggest you if you want to do the guest, you have to want to promote a single product, single product because although turnover less, but the general Commission is a little higher. The Commission’s choice, I suggest that you choose 10%-30%.30% products in too many crooks, there are problems or the quality of goods, or to store the trick. Of course does not rule out like " Adult supplies; " such a high profit goods are high commission, we still keep their eyes open for good, not for others to do the wedding dress. In the end a sieve.

 :     remember a revolutionary phrase: "deep digging, wide accumulation of grain", deep digging, that is, to do their own website content, do fine, service to do. Grain is a wide range of areas, spend money, doing big things, if you are e-commerce website, if you are a regular nature of the site, the use of such a small site wide in display advertising, at least will enhance the brand coverage.

if you like me, for these are not good at it, then you try my way. Although the guarantee can not let you how much income, but a basic guarantee to earn a 500-600 or no problem. Then add advertising, the monthly income is more. Well, I and share with it, the master saw don’t display slight skill before an expert, I joke ah.

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