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then what kind of soft Wen is a good article? A good article, that is, in the publicity of their own, but also to help others. This is an article that is valuable to others as well as to yourself. Recursive network is website promotion, what are the natural and detached, I write articles in order to promote. But when I promote myself and promote my website, I also share my experience, so that more people can learn from them and avoid detours. I think this is valuable, and only in this way can we produce virtuous cycles.


one, the title has penetrating power

senior online buyers, turned full-time "network child care"

snow had told reporters, generally each fill in a questionnaire pay in the 5~20 yuan, these paid questionnaires are generally long enough to outrageous, must also fill in the mailbox or MSN, than those of compulsory questionnaires much more complicated. But, as a "professional" air traveler, snow has said it is necessary to prepare a number of online accounts, PayPal, because online surveys are generally paid to participants in the online account, no designated bank account, only a waste of ten yuan of income, "but do the investigation is to rely on Many a little make a mickle. that is, not money do not".

2, ask questions directly. For example, we plan to send text messages, soft products, the title is very direct, are straight hit the crowd, put on, not everyone looking, but for people who have problems to see. This article hit after sales rose immediately, we are tested.

article is like a face of a human being. People drift is not pretty, look at the face, soft Wen wrote how to see the title. Very good-looking face Wuguanduanzheng, soft Wen title to pay attention to what? The most important thing is the title must be penetrating and must be able to attract people’s interest, so that readers interested in seeing this title after you want to see your content. So how do you attract the reader’s eye? The speed net considers the following elements:

it is understood that in foreign countries, many people specialized in online fill out a questionnaire for a living. Because many enterprises in the process of marketing, need to analyze a large number of user data to formulate product strategy, so some specialized product research institutions in recent years also came out. But now a lot of questionnaire websites in China, such as asking the net, are free of charge, and those who fill out the questionnaires can not get paid. Generally speaking, some enterprises and professional research institutions and psychological research institutions will launch paid questionnaires, hoping to attract more people with small remuneration to fill out questionnaires and obtain more specific data.

Don’t stray from the ?

Xue, who graduated from university last July, is going to study abroad this fall. She particularly loves fashion magazines. She spends more than 100 on magazines every month. But at home doing nothing with the blank period abroad, she didn’t have the nerve to ask my parents for money to buy for them is a pile of paper color fashion magazine. So, she began online to participate in online surveys, earn some small change to buy magazines.

3, Title live. Many soft text can be accepted by the majority of readers, the life of the title has played a big role.

writing must have a center and a theme. All the content revolves around this topic

1 uses the curiosity of the reader. Once you grasp the reader’s curiosity, you are afraid of your soft, no one see? If your title is very new, see the title to see this soft end is what to write, let the reader have a fancy feeling, so that you might have succeeded, 30%.

of course, the article is good and bad, mainly from the individual, as if some people like to eat salty, some people like to eat sweet, and some people like to eat spicy, and so on. Therefore, each person’s thinking and opinions are different, and their views and opinions will not be the same. It is anyone’s guess.

in Guangzhou Biguiyuan Cai Xiaoyi is senior guest, three large cabinets kitchen is full of cosmetics case run out, so long as it comes to cosmetics, she can tell people McCain most of the day. She used to like to try out on Taobao Forums

three years ago, the cover story of the Time was "you", every Internet user, enough to prove that the Internet profoundly changed modern society. On the Internet, the Nuggets have become a part of many people’s lives, or the core of their lives.

soft Wen promotion, I believe most webmaster know, and also know the importance of soft Wen promotion. So many webmaster published about soft article promotion, and tell the novice webmaster how to write soft, how to write soft Wen and so on.

makes a lot of money for magazines, and asks for an extra long online survey of

air traveler

Tao tasks, on line world, is a shopping guide, or "child care".

"probably do 5 surveys a day and earn 10~15 bucks," says Zeng. "A month is about enough to make a few hundred dollars. It’s not enough to buy a magazine, but it still has a little surplus for the subway.". The content of the survey can be varied, both professional medical device use preferences survey, but also a survey of beauty habits, most of whom are in a survey to make money online group found in the url. She said, the community also has a name, called "air traveler".


then webmaster how to write your own web site soft Wen,

the soul of a web site is the content of the site. Well, website articles play a vital role. I don’t make a fair proportion of it. The website is the skeleton of the human body, and the content of the website is the blood of the human body. The human skeleton is fixed, and the blood on the human body is mobile. As the saying goes: "blood boiling, no one said that the skeleton boiling.". This site is only true to life show the Dragon colors, can display style.

The title of a

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