To make money in the new way how to dig the customer from the hands of the Alliancenvestor sharing

so that marriage can be divorced, divorced half of the assets, but the dissolution of an entrepreneurial team, the assets cleared immediately, this is a typical example of our failure.

third, first choose a business for free, put his ad up. The principle is the same as putting a few coins in the bowl by the beggar himself.

goodness, debauch people and turn them into gangsters

we voted for one or two college students, especially talented college students. We spent a lot of time talking with him, but found it difficult for him to manage, and it was difficult for a founder to recruit good and experienced people. Others will feel that the boss has just graduated, and communicate with people, EQ problems, why?

these companies that have bought advertising experience are more likely to buy advertising than others, and if you’re on the industry Web site, be more targeted and make them more comfortable advertising. Also, these companies generally do not know the site of knowledge, as long as you put the website facade as well, flaunt oneself is the domestic industry the best and the most professional, most NO.1 and so on, they very easily.

third does not invest in founders who are not compatible and easy to split up. 2, 3 people work together, the product has not come out, the team will make a contradiction. There was a saying, "a partnership is more difficult to maintain than a marriage," because it’s only necessary to get home at 12 in the evening, basically guaranteed. Marriage and divorce are property halves, assets still exist.

but if the business partners are disbanded, then the money we’re throwing is basically cleared up and turned into a stack of computers. I understand now deeply, 10 years ago, IDG Xiong Xiaoge micro-blog said, "the failure of entrepreneurship, nothing.". There was a company doing online games, half of the dissolution, and our investment of 9 million yuan, leaving only 4 million yuan, there are more than 40 computers left.

last year, in the case of an investment environment bubble, we put a number of projects, resulting in the number of Companies in the first half of this year is much higher than last year.

fourth, college students do not fly. They have no control over them, and they are very difficult to manage. Lee said: "the success of the CEO should be married to a child, get married, love, and others will talk. Only with children can he learn to be responsible."


in the past 5 years, we have met many entrepreneurs, many projects, some have been successful, and there have been some failures. Why fail? I’d like to share some of the lessons learned in failure.

second, not to invest in comprehensive quality is not high or the core competence is not strong companies. For example, the investment game company, your core R & D capability, there is one can not, and this project is basically successful probability is not high.

on the other hand, other companies see competitors advertising, stimulate their sense of crisis, or not convinced of the psychological, immediately decided to put on the ad.

in fact, these alliances are easy to use and will automatically match ads based on your website content, so it also means sending advertisers to you.

is also a kind of comprehensive quality is not high, but some people ask: "why do you invest in the quality of the project is not high?" sometimes, in the case of foam, we head a fever on the cast. We will find that after 3 months of regret, then how will vote on this project,

for Industry obvious sites, many sites lack of profit, they can not find a way to make money, can only launch some GG or sh419 union advertising.

first, do not invest in cross industry entrepreneurship. For example, the original game to do electricity providers, the original community to do the Internet game. Now the Internet environment, such cross industry venture failure probability will be relatively high. In this industry more mature time, if you cross industry business, often lack of professional experience, so it is easy to lead to failure.

can find the contacts of these enterprises in the content ads, send them e-mail one by one, and ask if they need monthly advertising. The price is comparable, the clicks are high, and don’t worry that the account is randomly K.

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