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there is no road in the world, and it has become a road since it has gone a long way. Start-up enterprises in the absence of licenses to do financial management and loans and other core financial services, there is no road, and more involved in the platform, there will be P2P this road. Early P2P, the Internet banking halo, at the policy level is relatively loose. Lack of clear rules, there is no information disclosure mechanism, there is no threshold for entry into the industry, P2P become entrepreneurs layout "coveted long" the best entrance in the financial sector.

as everyone knows, the road to entrepreneurship is >


Author: Xue big langu Internet Financial Center Suning, director of the Financial Research Institute; WeChat number: Hong Yanwei language

yesterday, bored when visiting space, found that in the dynamic of friends, a programmer friend said: resign, switch to sell sesame cake. The following big reviews support and encourage. Of course, I know it’s just that he’s teasing and joking. This reminds me of a news last week saw: online games programmers turned to sell to buy a car to marry Clay oven rolls up. The news said in an online game company in the original hard work of senior programmers, because of physical reasons for leaving the online company, not only in Shenzhen to sell Clay oven rolls, buy a car, but also has married a beautiful wife ", is Clay oven rolls beauty and color, so that the original brothers have not envy. In fact, China programmers have a unified nickname – "code class, work overtime, work overtime or video! The hero of" brother some sad Clay oven rolls "also told me:" the programmer is non-stop work, work very tired. However, "doing online games development agriculture", nicknamed the image, shows the programmer’s work. If you are a programmer friends around you will know that they work extremely hard and was very happy, the brothers together to solve the problem of overtime work, also often go to sing K play, very happy. Unfortunately, after a bit of the body, he left."

sesame seed brother also said: "at the beginning of the day sold more than 100, I did not expect the business is getting better and better, and now sometimes busy, and even fire to the Internet.". "Now we’re making a house together and getting married at the end of the year, and I didn’t even think about it before,"

some platforms simply fictitious loan projects, directly playing the POND’S scam;

in real life, my side there are many programmers, developers and site construction personnel and so on, there is no doubt that usually engage in technology, engaged in the development, work overtime has become a thing of the It is quite common for. When they plan to enter these technical industries, perhaps they will have the psychological preparation, high salary, but also to pay more efforts than others, eat more bitter. At the same time, as 80, 90, we always have a heart ready to move, and all want to start their own business, and plans to partner with 35 friends, the company or a simple studio. Or open a shop, sell clothes, sell shoes, do some small business. Or in Taobao on the EBAY room width shop. In short, most people generally believe that only their own business, in order to have a better future, in order to earn more than 10000 months, in order to build a foothold in the big city, buy a car. Working, you can only live and maintain your daily expenses. So it says, "my friend is just talking about a change in the space and selling sesame cakes, but it’s not surprising that so many people are sympathetic and supportive.".

in fact, enterprises in the P2P industry’s success depends largely on the giant active "wince". Otherwise, by virtue of BAT and Suning, Jingdong and other electronic business platform and customer advantage to enter the scene, then, after also to the grassroots, giant to grow up easier said than done. In addition, the relaxed regulatory environment given innovation flexibility, capital support, rapid growth of mobile Internet users, etc. are also indispensable. In a word, the right time, are indispensable.

after reading this news, as the program ape, as SEO you heart out? You want to create a portal, hope can change their own destiny as brother Clay oven rolls to change my life, like to create a bright future of

just, now, the golden age of start-ups is over, and the gold industry has entered the war stage of the giants.

some P2P platforms raise funds for their own or associated corporate loans;

Although all of them have "P2P" hats, different platforms have different styles in specific business models, and many models compete with each other on the same stage. The industry will soon enter the stage of "disorderly innovation" and the vigorous development of disorder "innovation" in

? said


this is a good question, in fact, in several segments of retail Internet banking, third party payment, all the chips, consumer finance and other giants of the world, basically, but the field of P2P, the volume of the top 20 of the platform, is the basic business world.

recently wrote net loan related articles, a readers message said, "never knew what some start-up companies can gain a firm foothold in the Internet banking, there is a huge amount of property of P2P customers and consumer scene giants in the play". In the eyes of the friend, "two big difficulties, P2P, was off the source depending on the first scene and wind control depending on the data, are the giants play," I replied "was off without the help of what is their own financial scene, but the wind needed to control the scene; the real data, the borrower borrowing data in actual combat than behavioral data in the scene to be important".

very few platforms strictly adhere to the "point to point" spirit of P2P, the main service has a certain risk tolerance of investors and in traditional financial institutions can not lend money to small and micro borrowers;

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