Three simple ways to increase the site’s chainHubei cracked large network of pornographic fraud invo

second recruit: friendship link

above 3 points, I summed up myself, we just want to do the above 3 points

wrote with micro-blog to get traffic response is good, today I write a method to increase the site outside the chain, on the Internet I saw various methods of no less than 30, but today I don’t write so many methods why, because I think that so many methods actually not what the actual effect, make the chain website two or three strokes, will suffice, write so many methods can only let everyone looked more and more confused, finally did not know where to start. Take these 3 good, absolutely increase the chain to play a big role!

how to find links:


first recruit: soft Wen


is providing the platform for two exchange links:

these 2 places flow big, online number of people, we can come to see.

in Baidu, Sina, and registered 3 blog, every day or 2 days to publish an article, add your link to the site, do not write too much to write this blog, it would be 3, because the 3 blog weights are relatively high, the increase of the chain are useful, write blog I think too much there is no need. Sometimes you publish an article at the same time in your blog and website, blog must be collected first, some people asked, I don’t like to write a blog or write soft like? I can’t write soft, this does not have to worry about, blog article to Search Ranking to search the latest the fastest keywords, and then find the article, write directly to your blog can be, the most important point is to adhere to the post published on it.

Jingchu net news Chu Tianjin News reporter Shen of reports: reporters learned yesterday, the Ezhou police net after 3 months of careful investigation, cracked the governor of 3· 17 large network pornography fraud. Involving 120 million yuan, 11 people were arrested, victims of Internet users throughout the country’s 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.

in-depth investigation, "UU alliance" and 3 alliance SMS fraud Gang downline members, the establishment of a large number of false pornographic website affiliate website, released passion pictures and seductive text information, to Internet users through the mobile phone, PHS and fixed phone registration, watch the Union website called more exciting content. Internet users are forced to charge $15 to $30 per month for registration, but they simply don’t see what they call "wonderful content"".

survey, Internet users registration fee divided by the Internet information service providers, service providers, SMS alliance website and membership site in accordance with the agreed proportion. Beijing "UU League" since 2004 to the incident, a total profit of more than 400 yuan; Guangdong "white horse union" since 2005 to the incident profits of more than 1000 yuan; Shanghai "YY League" since 2005 to the incident, profit of more than 200 yuan.

It is reported that

use group search "friendship link", next to plus, plus enough 20 links of the group, every day to find you change links, more people you are busy enough. The most important thing is to remember to do the best peer connection, because all peers may be more from other station to IP, do not be K station, you can also have the ability to do not stand in a new snapshot, you can also have the ability to buy high quality links. webmaster forum, friendship link exchange platform,

, this thing more difficult, most people can not write, do not write to change others, or do not change, we can do so, for example, you want to do the words "free ", you can go to search for free articles, and then you think of a good article issued to free related websites and forums, at the end of the article, add a "by www.YZ.NET network".

exchange of links is the simplest and most effective way to increase rankings. Mou evergreen do a link exchange platform

The third measure: