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, Elridge was challenged, and some people questioned the viability of Lenddo. But he always has a basic passion and an open view of what he does".

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3. business is not easy. If it was easy, someone would have done it,

if you think it’s not hard to change your idea into reality, then you’re wrong. A successful entrepreneur must be a person who never gives up. Many entrepreneurs are related to this, >

April 12th, relay micro broadcast easy video platform Southern China premiere ceremony, micro seeding easy North China video promotion special salon held in Beijing, more than 100 top advertising agents on-site help out. On the industry trends, video latest gameplay, case cooperation, such as a full range of discussions, "video + social" trend is proposed, the site will discuss thoroughly detonated.

1. working for start-up companies means learning

from the media, people lit in the network after the explosion, the platform also launched a subsidy war.

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2. believes your ideas are right,

content entrepreneurship diversification


Lenddo came up because a group of employees at Elridge’s outsourcing company came to see him borrow. He said that these people could have gone to the bank to borrow money. I don’t know why he wanted to find me. He wanted to borrow money from me. We decided to make a survey. We’re curious.

if 2015 is the first year since the media, in 2016, the era of content entrepreneurship is really coming.

Lenddo, co founder of Asia and CEO Richard Elridge, shared his experiences with a group of entrepreneurs at a recent start-up company forum, Startup Grind, at Makati. Here are some of the key points in his conversation.

they studied the whole trend further, hoping to see some of the best practices. That’s what Elridge learned:

"he said," I think, then why don’t we try doing a traditional micro finance? "But he and his team don’t know how they can do it.". "It seems like a huge idea." He added.

your social standing and reputation are your capital. On the Internet, your personal credit is interspersed in different ways and is now beginning to come into being.


audio content entrepreneurship, there are Himalaya, dragonflies, FM and other platforms. The video content of entrepreneurship is the most active, is an independent company, more is the small business from the media or personal brand, such as relying on creative short video popular Papi sauce, taste on clip + personality speech bursts of a certain S. According to data released by Youku, more than 22 million users in Youku potatoes have launched their own channels, with over 10 billion monthly video playback and more than 10 million subscriptions per day.

, who is an innovator in text media, says why, because many of the articles she writes are contrary to conventional wisdom. Because the herd mentality, many people will only follow along, and when a person through their own thinking to refute, then it will be echoed, this is Amy’s innovation.

survey, the middle class is beginning to grow in Philippines. The group also uses the Internet as a social device. Not only that, in Philippines, 80% of the population still has no bank accounts.

micro broadcast, said, social networks every 3 years will usher in a new wave, "video + social" will be the latest in 2016 swept the industry’s latest gameplay.

Papi sauce is video from the media. Gossip Tucao from the media content stereotyped, and the most innovative Papi sauce is to show these gossip through video forms, the text replaced by video, which is horizontal innovation.

platform bring to the self media,

, an online platform for social security through social evaluations, started operations in Philippines in 2011, Lenddo. Along the way, they now have more than 500 thousand users worldwide. But the whole process is not easy.

in the early days of the Internet, the content of entrepreneurship focused on the field of text, but now, the content of entrepreneurship opened a diversified model, mainly divided into text, audio, video and other forms.

talked about the media, as early as a few years ago has not been well known, but in the past two years has become increasingly hot. Especially Papi sauce, Amy, and fellow uncle after the popular, content innovation is increasingly sought after by the public.

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integrates all these ideas, and Elridge and his team are convinced that they are financially able to help the rising middle class. But at the same time, they do not want to be a financial institution. What they really want is to create an online experience that allows people to join very easily and calculate their credit scores based on social media and other online activities.

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fellow uncle is the constellation from the media. 12 constellation articles are many, and some articles are also very large amount of reading, but the uncle of the uncle of the text into a comic book, the content itself will be a fire painted cartoons, which is horizontal innovation.

horizontal innovation