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research shows that the important factors for establishing a high yield team are often not as obvious as everyone thinks, and contrary to traditional wisdom. All entrepreneurs are recommended to read:

said that the 15 effective teams had 1 negative responses on average, with 5.6 positive responses. The positive / negative ratio of the 19 inefficient teams was 0.363. That is, they had 1 positive responses, almost every 3 negative reactions.


for the "mind control" project, Zhou Hongyi put forward the suggestion on the recommendation for the words to it, hope to find an easy man Chi "killer" of the scene for the project, to attract more users to.

There is a smart team how

TechWeb February 5th news reports, CCTV financial channel launched a pioneering program "entrepreneurial heroes meeting", this week in the latest issue of the program, 360 company chairman Zhou Hongyi, chairman of the board of directors of the Sohu and CEO Zhang Zhaoyang appeared on the show as a mentor. Zhang Zhaoyang said that success is to see things others can not see, not others.

can not see? Members of the average IQ; to see the team social skills:

"the happiness advantage: to promote the success, to improve the performance of optimism psychology 7 principle" The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work of the book:

your team will fist bump, clap, hug? " body contact with most of the team is the best team cooperation, they are Ever-victorious general. ">

factors were the average social sensitivity of the team members, the degree to which the team dialogue was dominated by the minority, and the proportion of women in the group. women are generally more socially sensitive than men in the study. In other words, if the members have high social skills, a certain percentage of female members in the team, and the dialogue reflects most of the team members’ ideas, the team will perform better.

1 don’t just look at talent, but also social skills,

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"office in the margin of " ": understand human nature, make friends, win good work" The Ape in the Corner Office: How to Make Friends, Win Fights and Work Smarter by Understanding Human Nature said:

a good team is not just a collection of talent.

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Zhou Hongyi made a critical comment on the current situation of young entrepreneurs. Zhou Hongyi believes that the team needs to debate, especially for early stage entrepreneurial team, the more intense debate is to get the optimal result, on the contrary there is no disagreement only that some people have no value in the team. With respect to charisma, Zhou Hongyi believes that the leaders of an entrepreneurial team need to be a "rude tyrant" when they want to listen to other people’s opinions". "Pipe" said, "the Ming Zhu, and listen to arbitrary" is also this truth.

for the first entrepreneurial team "mind control" project, Zhou Hongyi pointed out that the project exists technology, product, high valuation, and team mentality and other issues. And Zhang Zhaoyang said, "a man of success, is that he can see things others can not see, so he has a crazy and paranoid, not others".

in fact, Zhang Zhaoyang opened the micro-blog, the second concern is Zhou Hongyi. In the "Sohu Charles" Zhang Zhaoyang micro-blog name micro-blog, also often is the old perimeter old week short, Zhou Hongyi also frequently interact, and Zhang Zhaoyang often seen two sparkling discourse, shendu.

2 the best criterion for judging a team is whether they appreciate each other’s

Zhang Zhaoyang

opening, old Zhou Zhou Hongyi said "he is here to play soy sauce, originally to the south to do was temporarily pulled to the mobile phone," Zhang Zhaoyang said, "not for several years on TV, the show is on the form, of the program group laugh a lot.

although in the program, two people often express different views, but in fact, Zhang Zhaoyang recently opened micro-blog, the second concern is Zhou Hongyi. In micro-blog, two people are also frequently seen two personal interaction, not in general. of course rain

, a Financial Services Company study of 60 employees with more than 350 businesses, showed that whether team members appreciate each other is the biggest factor in predicting a team’s success.

to what extent do they need to get along? Remember 5:1 ratio: