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technology news January 10th evening news, 2014 Park geeks Innovation Conference held in Beijing today, innovation works founder and managing partner of Mr. Wang Hua at the meeting with a theme of "2014, where innovators go?". Wang Hua believes that innovation is to meet demand, and all innovation comes from changes, and pointed out that in 2014, innovation will be in a more subdivision, more vertical field.

I was thinking, what is innovation? My first feeling, first of all, innovation is to meet the demand. There are three categories of innovations in this category: one is to create a new demand. The second is to create a new way to meet the demand. The third is to extend a requirement from a small number of users to a large group of users. Mobile phones, for example, created mobile phones in six and 70s, Motorola. And apple created the Iphone in 07 years, the mobile phone to the Internet smart phones. Recently, millet innovation, in fact, let the phone from five thousand or six thousand yuan of high priced goods down to the general public can use. Innovation is actually better meeting demand.

in addition, Wang Hua also uses six words to summarize why he can do the innovation, that is, doing early and doing well. Yangzi

below is a speech record:

Wang Hua predicted that in 2014, the mobile Internet and the Internet could reconstruct the whole society and the operation of the whole national economy. He said that the mobile Internet will likely be from the original 10% of the national economy soared to 60%, 70%, or even 80%. And the entire methodology, rapid iteration, remove the middle layer, and so on, is no longer limited to the Internet circle, but it may spread to the entire national economy of all walks of life. Of course, the Internet was no longer simply called "Internet man", but became the pioneer of the reconstruction and transformation of the whole national economy.


brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

second, why can innovation? In my perception, not all innovation happens without any cause or reason, innovation comes from the changes, changes in several levels: one is the change of the whole social infrastructure. The invention of a steam engine, for example. The age of trains. Invention of electricity. IT Internet era, there have been three changes in infrastructure levels in the last 30 years. In 70s, personal PC was popular until 90s, the Internet, the mobile Internet in recent years. This is the creation of infrastructure level

, YAHOO founder said: "the future of Internet innovation focuses on the personal market -"

This form of

greatly attracted the two YAHOO founders Yang Zhiyuan and David Filo, then, YAHOO acquired Flickr in March this year. Although the interface of content management technology, YAHOO didn’t invent the Flick, and other innovative content, but through the acquisition and integration of these companies including Flickr, YAHOO, not only to enhance their market competitiveness, but also become a network of innovative technology display.

has been able to maintain the image display of new Internet technology and the long term, the two founders of YAHOO YAHOO wants to fight the most attractive website on the Internet will not unrelated. Currently, YAHOO serves nearly 500 million users in 13 languages in 25 countries. Moreover, YAHOO will continue to attract Internet users is its unwavering """; the "new "" concept of service.

Wang Hua: today, geek Park gave me a difficult question, "where’s the innovator?" my first reaction was the innovation in 2013, which seemed boring from all over the world. In 2013, Iphone5 became Iphone5S, and Plants vs. Zombies became Plants vs. Zombies 2. Look, every year there are many new products appear, 2013 looks a bit depressing. All the innovative feeling is not a sequel.