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Taobao big C, an era symbol that cannot be copied.



IBM also used to be very advanced in technology, but few people know about it today.

to see the titanium media author and partner, "seller’s journal" analysis, re edited by the titanium media.

before 2010, in many people did not see when, Taobao hot spawned a large number of Taobao crown seller, commonly known as "big C"". And since the establishment of the Taobao mall in 2008, many large sellers began to lose their aura gradually. Around 2010, these big C have suffered a crisis, with well-known brands settled in Taobao Mall now Tmall, they began to feel the pressure of sales, but also gradually began to adjust the management strategy.

doesn’t want to die on the road to entrepreneurship, just half a step ahead,

lemon, Green Tea small perfume, xinla T, through the city of angels, seven princess is one of the representative. These zero start legend sellers, experienced countless changes, in the electricity supplier development, often stepped on a key point, it survived the next section of the road, once missed, will fall behind, or even disappear. We now see the success of the Amoy brand such as starry, Liebo, Yan man, is one of the key points of the development of time step quasi master. The road is cruel but can not turn a blind eye to it.

China’s first Internet Co is Ying Haiwei, and now no longer exists, become history. When we consider a technology or product advanced, we must combine the existing market compatibility, it is best to lead one step, or even half step.

SONY’s Betamax in the year is a new technology based products, not only compact, and better quality, I did not expect to defeat opponents.

, the more scholarly expression of entrepreneurship is the process by which entrepreneurs discover opportunities and turn them into business value. What important factors do you need to start a business? The first is the vision. When the public has not found this opportunity, you see it. The second element is the operation, a good entrepreneur must have both the ability to think and operate. Third is organizational capacity. Starting a business is not a personal thing. To be successful, you must have excellent organizational skills.

Wen / Yan Yan WeChat public No.: product route network

for China’s entrepreneurs, these lessons are very important, you are not technically ahead, or you will end up in failure.

must remember that entrepreneurship is not innovation, innovation is not equivalent to creating commercial value, for example, many advanced academic theories or scientific and technological failures in business.

titanium media note: in the big V infested era, let’s talk about big C. The big C is the big C2C seller.

Abstract a good leader, both missionary and killer temperament, I think Ma has two kinds of temperament.

from the global perspective, the success rate of entrepreneurship is below 1%.

The OS system introduced by

after discussion, we find that the biggest concern is that this year’s traffic has fallen sharply compared to last year". Although this has the past off-season reason, but this is not the main factor. In the conversation, the seller delegates said already feel the impending crisis, a large C and a life and death mark.

business success often takes 7 to 8 years or even longer, and today we see Ali so brilliant, but you know Ali used to be a long time

according to the time of the media reports, many representative C sellers sense of crisis has been very obvious, they began to change from the category number, sales strategy, cultivating their own shops, from extensive sellers to fine operation, while admiring the resources of B2C, while it tries to maintain the C2C camp user. Today’s competition has been quite different from what it was three years ago. Consumer market cake is so big, decline in flow, peer dumped, have become big C sellers are the source of anxiety.

2007 we voted 58 city $1 million 500 thousand, in 2008, the global financial crisis, 58 of the money spent, Yao Jinbo micro-blog can I help him, we decided to invest $3 million after the meeting, the 58 survived. I didn’t expect this company to make a market value of $17 billion.

fund Saif partners, a venture capital Godfather known as Yan Yan speech at Peking University, told his experiences in 20 years of investment, and put forward many advice to entrepreneurs, a lot of dry cargo.

at the beginning of September 2013, Hangzhou area 11 4 – 2 gold crown reputation C sellers and digital marketing experts visited all the electricity supplier "seller" Magazine Conference room.

did not do not admit that Taobao is a Taobao arena, ten years, legend about the Taobao store by the media and consumers talk beyond count.

we have made a big mistake, 2000 to 2002, we put a large number of enterprises in the Chinese, then from the past a lot of airborne CEO, COO, CFO and so on, the enterprise almost died. We spent so much money to buy back a lesson: enterprises must have their own leader, forced grafting, foreign will be very difficult, good leader is very critical.

and the new generation of Taobao users have little chance of understanding the hard history of "big sellers" starting with grassroots sellers. Today, you can name the big C seller the larger C2C seller, whose reputation value is generally above the gold crown, how many

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