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‘s annual YY entertainment festival is the carnival of cock silk. "High handsome rich" led a group of blood "cock silk" competition brush money, the purpose is only one: for their respective camps female anchor canvassing. In 2012, the entertainment festival was called "the most intense money throwing sport in YY history" by nosy friends."

suddenly, such as spring night, thousands of million for O2O. O2O now so fire, and which industry did not feel? Home nails, home beauty, home car wash…… Now, it’s home pedicure. In January this year, the formal on-line App "door-to-door help" is provided by the foot massage service. On this platform, users can choose foot massage, massage and other services, you can also direct appointment master, waiting for the master door-to-door service. App, WeChat, phone, three channels can order.

"site founder Li Zhiyong Gang" has four respectively more than 2000 square meters for restaurant health club in Beijing, club includes Chinese massage, foot massage, SPA and other health projects, so the store experience under the line of business for many years. He stressed that the "door-to-door help" service is not pedicure, but foot SPA. Experience the home help Service Vice President of entrepreneur investment tide, could not help but made a circle of friends also praised, for several exclamation mark: home to enjoy SPA, feel great! Come to ask what their experience?!!!

lead: according to the founder of Li Zhiyong’s introduction, "door-to-door help" master, a monthly income of 15 thousand or even 20 thousand, are very normal.

" from Thailand embarrassed


now, "door-to-door help" is Li Zhiyong started a new venture. He said, although have already seen O2O momentum, but really let him feel the charm of O2O, is e-drive. "E-Drive data shocked me, master E-Drive platform every day to pay 150 yuan, ten thousand per day is 1 million 500 thousand, master the market is too terrible." He immediately thought of his pursuit of tea house: is it possible to do O2O, providing health home service,

chatted a little and knew that Li Zhiyong was a very capable entrepreneur. Li Zhiyong graduated from the Beijing Institute of Technology, majored in military vehicles, popular speak, "tank"; when reading as a monitor as the Minister of students, then the research, then stayed as a counselor, then start a business. Still in graduate school, he set up his first company, using computer simulation technology to do three-dimensional animation construction renderings, but also do decorative design, earned the first pot of gold in life. Because of the feeling of the teahouse is laughing with Ru, sed NIAM senkona diskleroros ", the founder of the game teahouse.

is not so much a "rich, handsome, rich" player’s rich game, it is better to say that the opinion leaders are in charge of the guild guild of two. They are in pursuit of popular artists and enhancing family popularity. Under the call of the leader and anchor, cheer up, praise and denounce…… Huge sounds from the other end of the computer rushed into the studio.

so Li Zhiyong made a brief survey of the health O2O the market? It startled: the 30 million people engaged in massage, foot massage is also engaged in a conservative estimate of 12 million, "if we develop 1 million foot master in our platform, per person per day charge a $100 fee so, every day will produce.

Within two weeks of the start of the YY

YY fans entertainment network broke the ceremony: spend the most money treasure brother consumption amount of 5 million 200 thousand yuan in the first row, a consumption amount of 4 million yuan ranked second, behind the 8 game player the amount of consumption of 1 million yuan.


direct control Chinese Internet White users, not giant or platform, but is a kind of spontaneous, grassroots organizations, their hidden profits, tens of millions of users and trends in cash every day, so that YY, 9158 such "grass root Empire", have to rely heavily on the use of the.

, this is a money brush contest.

The ten game player

ceremony, the China family, led by his brother, launched a series of contests to brush the gifts with the Royal guild, where the LORD was the leader. For a time, the network broadcast lively, attracted tens of thousands of Internet users onlookers. Especially in the evening, to brush the most intense link, can attract more than 20 thousand people to watch. China guild sexy beauty artist Xiao U ha shouted "break throat" hard, called on fans to vote enthusiastically to do the other party.

| Liu Yan


is not only driven entertainment atmosphere of the super game player, and a treasure brother also were a special status: Royal Entertainment Association referred to as: Royal President and China Entertainment Association abbreviation: China spiritual leader. They have become famous on YY’s rivers and lakes.

The movie "

fans emotional response leader and beauty "call", in order to win their camp crazy click, gift tens of dollars on the hundred dollars with a thousand yuan worth of gifts from the public on the screen flashed. These extravagant gifts make the little yellow sitting next to the computer dazzling and boiling with blood. Xiao Huang is actually an unknown player among the members of the Royal society.

"they brush out a gift worth 1314 dollars, equivalent to us wages a month!" at two "Heroes" for their favorite female anchor generous gift giving, this month only willing to recharge two hundred or three hundred yuan Huang feel shy, can only use "envy" to describe the the mood. "Money is just for me."

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