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2014 double 12, unfamiliar street MOMO on bell, only lasted three years would be listed. For a time, the stranger social is regarded as "fourth wind", the battlefield by four. The unfamiliar street listed this year, beating the co-founder and CEO Wang Yu and co-founder of Pan Ying also experienced an important turning point of entrepreneurial career — they put painstaking operation seven years fashion community P1, will focus on the explore on.

in the past two years, the hit variety show and TV drama, many audiences were beating the magic of the advertising brainwashed, though some people praised the creative people quite disgusted, but explore a few advertisements but several keywords stranger social generalization clearly.

now advertising products have been widely known, and have become a part of more and more enterprises’ online marketing budget. As search engine products begin, they need some "product purchasing instructions" to help companies select accurate keywords. Key words advertising products in the text is also very important, almost can determine the product promotion effect, also can be called as the whole related advertising application cornerstone.
key is key to our marketing success.

is a start-up partner, but also husband and wife

, "Sweden has a word called ‘lagom’, and its meaning is almost the same as our Chinese" golden mean ". The whole country pursues a middle course, this is the unique culture of Sweden, is actually very suitable for pension, but not very suitable for our young people." Wang Yu recalled, "in Sweden, there are only two cases a year, and the rest of the days are basically drinking tea and chatting, and I think it’s too challenging."."

in the past for a long time, and WeChat almost all of the domestic Internet users carrying out the relationship between acquaintances and strangers. In Ali’s dealings, millet m chat, NetEase "bubble" crashed out of dust, new social product from giant cracks in a way out of

"take off single, you have to use exploration, three years simulation, five years off single, take off single will use exploration, left row is not like, right slip is good like, matching successful together to play, explore, 90 after all in use!"


as a strange social software, has been considered the "domestic version of Tinder" exploration, it seems beyond a lot of people’s expectations. Since January 2015 by Bertelsmann lead A round of financing, the probe in less than three years to complete the four round of financing, much of the capital of all ages.

June 21st, the stranger social platform exploration, announced the completion of $70 million D round of financing, by YY Happy Times, Yuan Sheng capital lead, rich investment fund, the public as capital and so on.

takes full advantage of keywords,

we have heard this example: a company’s Web site in the Dotmore text ads put 20 keywords, business volume soared to the original 10 times. Another company in the same number of words, but the volume of business and didn’t change. What caused such a big difference? The reason is simply that the former company chose the right keywords, and the latter made a fatal mistake in that regard. This case illustrates how important it is to choose the key words for the success of enterprise website marketing.

advertising in this article, the advertising show is a prerequisite for the existence of the page of the ad matching keywords. And keyword associated advertising, matching sites is also very important. It involves your advertising effect can be maximized, if users are interested in the key words, after the mouse up and click on the links to find advertising content and thought is not the same, so users will feel cheated, even more bad influence to this he will never go back to this point related advertising. For example, a urinary hospital, the choice of "urinary" is more than "tumor", "gynecological" to be suitable for many, which will lead to "urinary" aspects of the network directly into the user

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for Internet users who read the text of the text, attention must be more concentrated than other advertising pages, and thus the resistance to advertising is the weakest time. But this does not mean that any advertising will impress the automatic pop-up advertising form, or Internet users concern itself and the content of all will be quite different, rejection.

for advertising, the key word is Internet users and product interaction of a media, Internet users through the attention of some keywords, and to trigger advertising curiosity and desire. No matter which choice of network marketing companies, naturally want more potential customers through some form of channels to find you in the shortest time, which requires your choice of words more suited to the user specific attention target. The user on the product or service information, usually by the specific name of the product or service, business name, even the company name for the condition, and these or strong or light "attention" is the advertising product good selling point.  

said that the challenge to challenge and WeChat really exaggerated, but when 95 gradually become the main force of social products, strangers social applications smell business opportunities. In response, the founder of Wang Yu explained, "we have no demand for social acquaintances, and the real pain point is still in love with the object.". As for dating sites, for young people, these sites are like prehistoric creatures."

Wang Yu and pan Ying met in Sweden, at that time in the PWC business pan Ying, Wang Yu R & D Engineer in ericsson.


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