From three on your site to ask why 301 redirect

what time I need to use 301 redirect

1: buy a new domain name for your business or company, you need to switch your site to a new domain.

if you know the basic knowledge of search engine optimization, then you will know that a site with good quality, the importance of the chain of correlation. The high quality of the chain to promote the search engine on your site’s trust and improve the site’s ranking. The high quality of the chain if you can’t handle it, it will be difficult to get, is also very easy to lose.

if we take the high quality the chain to delete the page, so the high quality of the chain is not our site weight transfer. You will lose the high quality of the chain of trust and the boost ranking effect. Your site began to decline in the search engine rankings will be


if your web page is deleted or changed, and you don’t do the 301 redirection, so the next time someone tried to click on the page, the user will see a 404 error page for this cold, friendly user experience site is a very big blow. For this we can make an example, adding one day, in the sales of goods you find a supermarket in the supermarket, but.

? .

5: in order to ensure that the weight specific page deleted before the chain to the redirect.


2: you just created a new website, need to put the old visitors guide to the new site.

3: you have modified your pages on your site, need to guide visitors to the new page.

if you can use a 301 redirect reasonable, will transfer the deleted pages to a new URL new URL, then you can avoid some of the weight of the high quality of the chain loss.


is a 301 redirect is usually used to tell the web browser to bring visitors to another page on your site from a specific page of the electronic map". When we use 301 redirect properly, will help your site in the organic search rankings, and can ensure your potential customers or visitors in using your site, can get a more smooth and pleasant experience. We can also think so, 301 redirect is a guide to help visitors and search engines crawl right page commander, is your site behind the invisible housekeeper.

said the 301 redirect is very important for the Shanghai dragon

How to improve the site

4: you delete your pages on your site, need visitors guide to their interest in the page, not turn them away.

301 redirect the user experience of


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