Discussion on the optimization of the site how to do outside the chain content

3: in the Q & a platform to answer and attach links, this is the way to get outside the chain of high quality good, with links in the prophase of the answer is still relatively easy to send, and have links with the platform will automatically answer a lot of shielding. This is also the source of the website, access to the high quality of the chain.

today’s competitive market, the Internet fast development trend, all walks of life have been aware of the importance of network marketing, network marketing with attention, Shanghai dragon is like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, all over the mountains and plains development, as Shanghai Longfeng workers, we should realize that the competition among industries in network marketing is more incentive means our workload is bigger. Shanghai Longfeng work all the heavy trivial, can be repeated to simple things, in continuous learning and accumulation, in fact, more important is the skill and experience. Plainly, the theory of everything is empty talk, practice after we know the achievements.


: how powerful a site outside the chain

optimize keyword ranking on the site, according to the comprehensive factors to consider, as we all know, website construction, website title, keywords, spatial stability, the design is perfect, the layout is reasonable, will affect the optimization progress. In fact, this is the early site must do a good job. How are we going to need is behind more powerful and rich web content site outside the chain. Believe that many webmaster operation methods are slightly different, then, put some commonly used methods to share and communicate with you, please teach me deficiencies.

for the optimization of keywords ranking, the website chain occupies the most important factor. A lot of time to update the search engine, will make the site outside the chain suddenly reduced, in fact the chain is a search engine that reduces the low quality of the chain, or without much use and removed, so the high quality links is our pursuit.

2: soft release, release the soft in the high weight forum. This is some webmaster will undoubtedly increase the workload, because we are not a writer. Do not deliberately asked how many articles a week, a week to spend some time to summarize the experience in the audit. This is not only the high quality links, also exercise their writing level of stationmaster the opportunity to know, Shanghai dragon is in continuous learning.

1: Links exchange, how to obtain a relatively high quality friendship connection? Money is not to say. A new station can according to their own website, make a positioning of "high quality", and the comprehensive quality of website of the other side make a analysis, mainly to see the snapshot: normal, recent love Shanghai has included, export link does not exceed 45, not be right down, the chain number at least equal, of course is the best choice of industry association the chain site, which can locate "high quality". But Links to regular inspection, found problems in a timely manner to clean up.

4: the weights of the blog has very high, is the webmaster for >

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