BBS blog value and promote the reasonable mining site in leaps and bounds on

, the first use of BBS professional information exchange

BBS provides a communication platform for us, so as a webmaster can correct use, is not to say that we must use BBS when their own site to add a chain, this practice is not necessary. A rational webmaster should be through the sharing of information to achieve their purposes, for example we as a webmaster of the most authoritative A5 communication platform, if you want to promote your web site, you can first write their own site features, is what to do, which can solve some problems, finally a picture, pictures with on the site of the watermark. By this method if there is a need for customers to go into your website, and the kind of pure advertising text posts, how do have value? If you want to promote your web site, you can also share professional information, such as you do in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, then you can share their experience in Shanghai Dragon. Finally, you can leave your QQ, through the professional sharing to allow more users to see your strength, so as to bring popularity and return to your website, this kind of practice is not good? Is not to say that BBS are just a place of chain.


second, the use of BLOG to improve website popularity

Since the

, we create 1 independent blog, independent blog in the navigation bar on the lower part of homemade publicity plan, publicity plan with hyperlinks to the industry, publicity contents should be.

now Ranking Ranking is better than the industry station to do some internal links, BLOG construction is simple, easy to exchange chain, easier to do a BLOG to an industry website, we can see now a lot of personal blog occupy Shanghai love home, so that we can also increase the visibility of the website the use of blog, here to talk about my views:

portal blog, independent blog appeared in front of the user, we can find some search keywords in the first words are a lot of personal independence blog; while the forum now has become a professional exchange place, if you are a webmaster, it is absolutely not ignore BBS and BLOG the value of the following specific talk as a webmaster how to reasonable mining BBS, blog value, promote the leaping off site.

to forget?With the continuous decline of

with the changing love Shanghai algorithm, more and more owners think BBS and BLOG have no use value, but the value of BLOG and BBS is still in, but this value from the external performance to internal potential, before we can use the BBS signature to bring the chain for countless sites, and now the search engine has love Shanghai reduce the weight of the chain of BBS; the previous Sina blog, blog site can direct the NetEase to bring the weight transformation, and now this transformation has been greater than before. But the webmaster friends can be BBS to BLOG


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