Analysis of the relationship between the website structure optimization and user experience


is now on the Internet about the user experience more is analyzed from the two aspects of the content and the chain, especially the content basically has become the only proper course to take promotion website user experience, of course, pay attention to the content itself is not what is wrong, but if the net station will enhance the user experience just to summarize the content, will inevitably exist in fact, Overgeneralization defects, enhance the user experience of the website should be integrated in all aspects of the project, the content is only one of the important aspects.

Finally, The

should pay attention to the site’s guide, the guide from two aspects, one should pay attention to the user psychological guidance, the site at the beginning of design has a clear positioning of user groups, so in the design and optimization of site structure, we should pay full attention to the reasonable of the user guide, especially for content the guide of demand, because most of the target customers will have the same purpose, such as corporate website, users pay more attention to this website revealed by the strength of the company and the relevant technical blueprint and advantages, so as to lay a solid foundation for cooperation. According to these requirements should focus on the guidance in the website plus, such as the use of HO>

first to make users feel very simple to use, because Internet users’ knowledge structure there is a great change, great lovers after all less, our website will make it popular literature or art, let more people understand and appreciate, so make the structure of the site looks more simple, direct function, especially in the design of the site navigation, can let the user navigation function using the rapid content need to find. Reduce the user in the search for the waste of time, but also to let the user feel in your website on the Internet is very comfortable, because it does not have to worry about learning various functions can meet your needs.

then to convenience of practical, convenient and user-friendly simple function actually has a very direct relationship, such as many enterprise website, in order to let the enterprise website looks very scale, a lot of the channel set on the website, and make industry website, the design of the complex becomes simplified as then, the user becomes very criticized, and if the enterprise website features displayed on the home page, so that users can directly through the home to find the relevant pages, this way is simplified, which is convenient for good, this website structure clearly has more advantages in user experience.

user experience in addition to considering the information needs of users, while also taking into account the user’s operating habits and surfing habits of the demand, is to consider the user web browsing behavior, so that it can better guide the user directly to the relevant page, reduce too many users on the web browsing useless information, accurate positioning method this can reduce the user’s residence time of the website, but it can avoid long time because users can not find the relevant pages and the choice of risk from left, from the point of view, optimize the structure of the site has a very important role in improving the user experience, so how to optimize the structure of the website

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