Facing the phenomenon of snapshot disorder you how to an antidote against the disease

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snapshot is not the same station K trailer.

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everybody is afraid that it is afraid of snapshot disorder after the snapshot is not normal, we worked so hard to do keywords will fall off. But the fact that? Even after the operation of the case, we can find that the snapshot is not updated in a timely manner or even stagnation have some effect for keywords ranking. But these alone will determine the snapshot means disappear without the ranking is somewhat to the point almost face. In fact, the snapshot itself is a text document, in order to prevent accidents, if which day website does not come out, so the snapshot can provide a pre browsing page. From this point of view, it has a direct link with the ranking? Obviously not, if your site is updated regularly to ensure the original high quality content, and the correlation rate, good user experience, the introduction of the construction of the chain and stable flow, so even if the snapshot delay a few days is Never mind, because sometimes the update frequency adjustment algorithm will affect the snapshot, this time do not blind panic, especially beginners feel I feel I am not myself., as long as their intentions to do so, after the adjustment, everything will be back.

believes that made the website friends will encounter a snapshot of the "disorder" phenomenon, a normal snapshot site did not say no, sometimes it makes us very unhappy. Of course, this is not the end, neurotic show snapshots will often bring a lot of negative performance, so this also let many webmaster friends especially beginners feel inexplicable panic. But a snapshot of the neurotic show really means that the risk website be punished? I want some routine problems, we still need a rational treatment.

and the snapshot is not updated in a timely manner as the problem is, if you return to the snapshot, "a long time ago, so your station is not really going to be buried". Although I was not related to evidence that the two have done Never mind, but the friends all know, snapshot by K great probability. For this phenomenon, my personal bias in the multi interpretation. The snapshot is web site is a necessary condition for K but not a sufficient condition. In my mind, the snapshot itself is a stored text, at this stage, with the site K station link is somewhat too far fetched, I personally think that is the site itself will be reflected in the keyword ranking directly, but is only affected and has snapshot. If your site is normal, the station is too observant of conventional standards. without any problems, then there is no need to panic, continue to follow the plan optimization website can, because I myself in the process of establishment of the station also encountered such a problem, as long as we will come back sooner or later then update ranking. There is a common sense you should know, love Shanghai algorithm to update the wrong injury phenomenon does exist, if there is, then you can solve the Webmaster Platform appeal, it is still quite fast. Of course, for those who use cheating website friends, snapshot in a sense is really the beginning of punishment.

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