How do the psychological analysis of users in Shanghai Dragon


main audience crowd is your website is what kind of, men, women and children, the elderly. Different people have different habits and ideas. I search for the keyword "Tianjin friends" to cut a figure of some examples, this figure is love Shanghai auction rather than a natural ranking, here is only a list of ideas


The so-called

I want to give to people who want to buy something, but I just can’t find what you want to feel, so I just found a word, I hope you can understand,

want to do Shanghai dragon is a very bitter thing, you need to learn a lot, but also with love Shanghai as we progress, Shanghai Longfeng also needs to be improved, the main function of the recent love Shanghai Webmaster Tools 12.4 launched a search keyword query tool "of this tool is the source of popular keywords used keywords query tools can help webmasters query the site, as well as keywords in the search results show the number of keywords, each click into your site the number of clicks, click the click rate / show times. It is more convenient to observe their site in Webmaster display and click to love Shanghai this time the problem appeared, you find yourself very high but rarely on display. Love Shanghai is now very focused on the user experience, this time love Shanghai will think your site ranked in the home is not bring value to the user. After a period of time you may find the website down to page second. The following will introduce several methods and ideas of improving the click rate of the common.

is a screenshot is bidding, the three bidding highlighted is the word that came in the official, to give the user the feeling is basically the same, but if third wrote "[official] Xian Levin genuine skin liquid official order center 12128 discount promotional" so wrote the words I think there will be a lot of advantages, because the first 1212 is now very fire, second 20 percent off certain discounts, from the perspective of the user, the first is the official genuine, followed by the price, since the official now you are all the same, then you are a 20 percent off discount, I believe that users will click on your site probability more. This hits up will be ranked.

This example is

, a


Tianjin friends

search bidding screenshot


population analysis We look at the same

two, to

you can see above, I think the bidding cherished network has two words attracted me "lonely" and "sex" you? Maybe you attract other words.

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