Analysis of the hospital website link strategy

we all know, we usually say the link includes internal and external link, the chain of the site is more important. All a good outside chain strategy is more important. Outside chain source is very broad, Links, forum signature, soft and so on, are a good source of the chain, this is a lot of people have paid great attention to, here, put forward an important chain should pay attention to the medical relevance, value chain of strong correlation is relatively high, you can take advantage of.

a lot of people in view of Chinese and foreign chain, often ignore the construction of the chain, in fact, view the reverse link in the search engine can be found in many links are from the inside, from this point of view, the chain is also very important, in fact, the search engine is to pay more attention to web page ranking and the weight, so the internal links reasonably is very important. We pay attention to in the chain and to do well in the chain, reasonable chain transfer not only conducive to the spider crawling and weight, the overall weight of the site also has a profound impact.

fact, if true to the hospital Shanghai Longfeng, at the same time with a variety of network marketing, can bring huge profits for the hospital. The medical website construction is nothing more than to choose good keywords and layout arrangements and keywords construction of internal and external links, and the choice of keywords and arrange the layout of these keywords is important, but we all attach great importance to this aspect, most of the hospital website to do very well, here, some of the views of mainly talking about the medical website link.

in addition to place the link to the page. "

in fact, the general principles of medical website links currently approved is: home can put links to the home channel is also home to the department. The website can have links to the inside pages, the various departments also have links to the inside pages. Reasonable link on the home page and channel page placement, and pay attention to the layout of the links, so whether it is on the site as a whole PR promotion, or hot disease keywords have amount of support. The most important thing is to make the cross popular keyword can reasonably appear in each main page on it. The high flow page also put in some, this is because of the high amount of access to a single page may also be ranking factors, in fact, the search engine through cookie technology, analyzing the user click behavior, and determine the importance of a page. So it is reasonable to prevent some links to high traffic page.

in the rapid development of the Internet era, the hospital website is not only an external display window and the hospital’s own tools, it is a great potential with commercial tools, so the hospital website search engine optimization is the inevitable choice, especially small and medium private hospitals, these hospitals lack of visibility, relative to the large the hospital is always bustling, a deserted house. Although it can be taken for advertising to acquire a part of patients, but the cost is too high, is not a permanent solution, therefore, do a good job in the hospital site is also behoove choice.

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