External links no longer worry share a few of his own combat experience

high weight platform: selectively leave


high weight platform with link is the webmaster will not miss the place, I was no exception. Every day a link is still very possible, now increasingly strict audit, "

the promotion: the use of soft push link

online has read a lot of seniors share if do external links and articles are influenced by natural ideas, to improve every day. But the site may be different, everyone access to the Internet environment is different, so there will be a way of her own. In fact, there are many methods for the construction of the link, only need to follow the prescribed order to find a method can persevere adhere to is victory. Today I write a few methods, hope everyone can benefit. These methods, for many master may not be worth a look, but for many people, it is a very suitable choice.

link: increase the chain good choice

I don’t have any links to purchase, not bad, but not enough money. So the friendship connection became my first choice, I feel Links is a very good approach to the new station. I practice every day is to each link platform to publish their own web site, and then go to several large forum of stationmaster of a circle, also left the information exchange connection of friendship, although the beginning is difficult, but insisted that one to two months, or even half a year, must have the appropriate links to your web site. If the website to exchange appropriate links, so the construction of the external links work is done in half, after all, these links are related.

buy links:

, we are not unfamiliar, it is also one of my own website promotion method, although it is difficult, but always insisted. Because both the soft marketing significance, also has the significance of pushing the link. After the article published some very big impact, so there will be a lot of reprint, such not only their own brand promotion, but also the way to leave your links, Mai Wenwen also do not know how to write the beginning, but in order to develop the site can only crustily skin hold down, slowly to familiar with the. So we take action, adhere to the original writing. Now not only is the user needs something original, search engine is also emphasis on original content, it is obvious to people of all.


maybe many people despise the purchase link, hope that the long-term health station. But don’t forget the Shanghai dragon is only a means, its ultimate aim is to value and profit as a guide. How to make maximum profit, how to make the highest price, you should use that way. In many industries, we can see some familiar sites in the purchase link, especially in a large company or team. In fact, the purchase link can be considered a choice, and not what taboo thing, as long as know the pros and cons, is feasible. Personal webmaster if there is enough strength and financial support, it is not a good choice for

can be considered

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